University of Michigan Diversity Brats Will Get Violent if Demands Aren’t Met

The best part of this article is the conclusion: “Read books, start a business, avoid college”. College keeps making promises that it will open the door to a great career. I have debunked that Idea before, using the time value of money argument. Working at McDonalds for eight years, living in your parents’ basement, and investing the money wisely, will make you a millionaire by the time you’re 50. Maybe that seems like a long time to wait. But consider that those who spend their 20’s in higher “education” aren’t likely to be able to afford a down payment on their first home by 50. And, trust some who’s 50ish, you will be there in a flash. Besides, in the mean time you can go to Half Price Books and get a real education–for less than the cost of one semester’s college text books!
Yes, this BUMM thing is really just a regurgitation of the Columbia nonesense of the 60’s. The difference is, of course, that a real educational institution was taken down in the 60’s, whereas today’s custodians of higher learning are actually just the squatters left over from the radical students of the 60’s. Of course these administrators are gong to take these BBUMs seriously. They remember only too well how many university heads rolled back when they themselves were the bums causing all the chaos.

I have news for black college students. You really are a minority. You are some of the lucky few who escaped or have a chance to escape the ghettos. I suppose that makes a lot of you feel guilty. So, in order to escape the guilt, you find a way to make yourselves victims again and pass the guilt on to somebody else. Just one question–how guilty are you going to feel down the road when you realize your stupidity blew it for everyone?


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