New Years Resolutions – Dead and always revived.

Well, the New Years goals have faded quickly into the sunset.  But, they are not dead, only sleeping.  I don’t really make any new ones. I only seek to revive old goals.  Along the way, they get refined a little.

Some time ago, I hit upon the idea that accomplishing seven tasks in a day is a perfect day, or as close as we can come on this earth.  After a close friend reminded me of my faults, though, I began to understand that one cannot just drop everything necessary in order to accomplish some pie in the sky.  So, after further review, I revise again and continue.

First of all, blogging every day is just about impossible, unless I’m just going to throw fluff in here, as I am doing now.  Reason being, there is just too much involved in researching.  The reason for that is that there are way to many facets to situations, and most of them are already covered by someone.  The comprehensive overview requires book-like sourcing and compilation.  Otherwise, I’m just re-blogging.   Wintery Knight does a great job with this.  I don’t know how he does it.  Does he have a staff or simply nothing else to do?  I suspect that a lot of the answer lies in technology.  So,  more important than blogging every day will be establishing a template for extremely fast compilation of and dissemination of data.  Again, as in previous posts, I acknowledge that I am, as my friend said, “sloppy”.  Time to cut that out.

Secondly, technology enables me to make a new piece of music in about three minutes, merely by manipulating the source recording in interesting ways.  I will need to exert more discipline in planning and executing original daily recordings.  Mere derivative works are not going to stimulate quality and diversity, both of which are necessary to keep from stagnating.  Also, I’m going to have to work much harder on making this blog multimedia-friendly, so that I can share with others.  Otherwise, what’s the point.

Yes, it’s still a long way to 180 posts for the year.   Since July 1, I’ve only added sixty-six.  And 10,000 views seems incredibly far-fetched at the moment, since the first six months only netted about 1950.  Thanks to my 32 followers.  They like something about what I am doing.  I encourage anyone who passes by and reads this to let me know what you like about the blog, what needs improvement.

Yes, I can have goals.  But goals should always be set high enough that one cannot achieve them.  On the other hand, one can’t sacrifice reality for fantasy.  As I gear up for business changes in this year, there will be precious little time for fluff.   But, my business strength is my communicative skills.  So I have to keep writing.  I have to keep creating, or I cease to be me.  In the mean time, I need to keep working on the rest of me.  Have a nice day, and keep at it!


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