The End Is Near! I begin to believe.

In 1992, the scales were knocked from my eyes.  I started to understand the truth about the great lie that America was becoming.  I didn’t know how to respond.  I thought about ending my life while I still had the power to do it under my own terms.   But I could never seriously entertain that option and call myself a Christian.  Since then, I’ve come full circle in understanding that evil has always been with us and will always be and that God will see me through.   I thought about running and hiding some place far away.  But I have since learned just how universal is the scope of the conspiracy.  I thought about running for office.  But I know that they will find a way to discredit and destroy me personally and politically.  Then I thought that I would figure out how to educate people, using the computer as the great tool of communication that it is.  Then I discovered that the computer was created to be the tool to finish the plan to brainwash our children into the New World Order.

So, today I find myself contemplating end-game scenarios.  The handwriting is on the wall.  “Mene mene tekel parsin.”  Our country is found wanting and will be handed over to the Persians.  The only question that remains is whether the Persians (Iran) will actually take it in the end or whether the Zionist juggernaut will manage to take us over without a shot.  Gog and Magog are slugging it out.  One would think that the Zionists, by virtue of their centuries of slowly creating the infrastructure and the financial control, would seriously have the upper hand in this battle.  However, the Persians aren’t afraid to blow themselves up for the cause, which gives them the potential to blow the Zionist infrastructure to smithereens.  Of 1.3 billion Muslims, only 1% are believed to be radical.  Yet, that still translates to 13 million potential suicide bombers.  All they need now is a nuclear weapon, and Mr. Kerry is sure to see that they get it.

In the meantime, the American Federal Soviet has been bankrupt for decades and continues its hell-bent pace to sell itself to the World Bank.  Which leads me pondering the question of what kind of life we should expect in our respective states when we are forced, finally, to secede from the American Soviet (sweet, lovable Mr. Gorbachev’s words, not mine).

I was thinking about my own state, which happens to be about 80% conservative by land area, but a 50/50 split with Marxists by population.  Obviously, the metropolitan areas, in which 80% of the Marxists reside, would have to be quarantined for the good of the state as a whole.  We’d have to then take a page from Mao and send all the Marxist city dwellers to work in the rural “re-education” camps until we were sure they had been de-programmed and would never slip back into their Marxist ways.  I think we’d have much better success than Mao, however, because the farmers in my state are actually more educated than most of the bureaucrats in the cities.

We would, of course, have to place a premium on defense, since we would suddenly be surrounded by other autonomous states, and many of them have followed the folly of the Federal Soviet and would therefore be hostile to us.  Fortunately, my state has a fair amount of defense contractors, a wide manufacturing base, and a fairly good technology brain pool.  (Thank God we still have a half-decent education system, outside of the soviet city sectors, patrons of which will be fixed in education camps.)

As I think about it more, I begin to realize that there will great unrest in the cities, which will seriously drain our manufacturing and defense resources.   I know that my state has one of the most advanced prison industries in the world.  Perhaps we will be able to handle then all in our prison labor camps.  But, we may have to consider exile or extermination as  viable options for the worst offenders in order to keep from losing control of the burgeoning prison population…good grief!  I’m beginning to sound like a ___________ (insert Progressive, Fascist, Marxist, Jihadist or Bolshevik.  They are all interchangeable.)

What do I know from the Bible?  In the end, God will have to cut short the tyranny in order to keep all the Christian from being exterminated.  If this is the end, then I’m pretty sure the Federal Soviet will manage to crush any and all attempts at free states.  If this isn’t the end, then some form of government will exist after the American Soviet is assimilated into the World Soviet.  In either scenario, it’s time to prepare for the chaos about to strike us.  Only a world uprising to throw off the Soviet can stop it now.  Which brings us back to the Persians.  Gog and Magog.


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