Obama Plans to Annex One-Third Of Iraq Using U.S. CIA al-Qaeda: To Launch Further Attacks Against Syria From Iraq Syrian Border.

So, in comes the new year, and the problems we now face are the same as last year. Corruption, greed, conduct regardless of life, liberty and happiness. Lies, deception, misinformation and misunderstanding. Those who saw this coming in 2003 take no pleasure in saying we told you so. But we want you to now see the truth, so that these mistakes will be avoided in the future. May the scales fall from your eyes in 2014, if you have not already seen the light.

Political Vel Craft

Iraq Denomination

Obama Continues War In Iraq Against Sunnis: 1,840 Dead In January ~ 1,700 Dead In February 2014.

Dangerous Times Ahead As Obama NWO Plans To Annex One-Third Of Iraq

Using CIA’s Shiite Al-Qaeda & Shiite Muslim Brotherhood To Control Iraq Syrian Border.

Why? To Launch Further Terrorist Attacks Against Syria For Rothschild Banking Control.

Hadiths from Ali, the Shiites’ 1st Imam, also state that a sign of the coming will be The Fall Of The Walls Of Damascus, Syria.

Is “Shiite” and “Shia” the same thing?

Yes, they are the same thing, but Shiite (Shiite Muslim) is the American version of the Arabic adjective Shi’i (someone who is of the Shia sect) . The word “Shia” is short for “Shiat Ali (the party of Ali)”. So, Shiite would be considered the correct way of referring to someone who follows the Shia sect in the English language. As for Arabic, Shi’i would…

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