Tennessee: ‘Largest-ever coordinated’ synthetic drug bust nets 20+ Muslims

I have chosen this article to introduce the blog site “Creeping Sharia” because it emphasizes that jihadists in America are as cold-blooded and uncaring about American families as any columbian, Mexican or Russian drug cartel member. The difference is that they do what they do in the name of their “peaceful” god.

I have often said that I believe that the Muslim religion will collapse under the weight of its own hypocrisy, once Muslims wake up to the reality that their leaders’ only intention is global imperialism. In the name of this imperialism, they break all of their own laws. They torture and kill their own people. And they tell the “infidel” whatever lie is necessary to make him think there is nothing evil in their actions or their intentions toward their host nations.

I am no longer sure that the Muslim threat is so benign. In a nation of rational, educated Americans, how could such a thing gain traction? But, judging from how the sheeple have willingly followed our current regime of snake oil salesmen to the slaughter, it occurs to me that I am overestimating the intelligence and rationality of the people in this land. We have drunk the PC coolaid and are heavily sedated, unable to recognize clear and present danger. And our children have gone one step beyond that, buying the designer drugs designed to destroy them so that they present no resistance to the rise of sharia.

Jesus told us all to love our enemies. The first step to doing that is not to tell them that they are OK and sorry for objecting to your attempts to destroy us. We have to call a spade a spade. We have to go beyond sound bites and whitewashed renditions of how peaceful these people are and start paying attention to the realities. I’m not trying to single out jihadists. They are just one of multitudes of groups aimed at destruction of the fabric of our society who hide behind the protection of PC. In the name of PC, the foreign floodgates have been opened to many groups who are rushing in to loot and plunder and make America into the third-world country with which they are so familiar. And we continue to not only let them in but also to subsidize our own demise in so many ways.

Creeping Sharia

An international ring busted this summer that apparently wasn’t national news.  via Synthetic Drug Indictments and Raids Net Dozens of Defendants | WBBJTV West Tennessee’s News Channel | h/t Act Memphis 

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Indictments were unsealed Wednesday in Memphis and Jackson, TN naming 40 people alleged to be part of the synthetic drug trade in West Tennessee, announced U.S. Attorney Edward L. Stanton III; Resident Agent-in-Charge of the Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) Memphis office Brian Chambers; and Shelby County District Attorney General Amy Weirich.

“Project Synergy,” a DEA initiative, is the largest-ever coordinated law enforcement strike against designer drugs, targeting manufacturers, distributors, and retailers of more than 250 synthetic drugs being abused every day in the United States and globally. This initiative was conducted in conjunction with prosecutors in Memphis and Jackson as part of the Department of Justice’s Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces (OCDETF) Program…

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