Iceland teaches us what is possible with an intelligent populace

English: Barack Obama signing the Patient Prot...

English: Barack Obama signing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act at the White House (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here is the story from the Guardian on how Iceland’s people have forced the entire government to resign in the wake of huge banking scandals and have used citizen boards to write an entirely new constitution with new protections.

What is wrong with the constitution of the United States?  Absolutely nothing!  The problem is that we haven’t followed it at least since Roosevelt whipped out the New Deal and rammed it down our throats.  The New Deal didn’t really fix anything.  It made everything worse.  That’s where Roosevelt got creative.  He bribed big corporations to finance his new welfare state.  He did that by granting them so many concessions that they would never again have any real competition.  He, in essence, destroyed free enterprise, the very thing the Constitution was supposed to protect.

English: Logo of the International Bar Association

English: Logo of the International Bar Association (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is clear that all of our national crises are a result of money and commerce manipulation.  The banks are always squarely behind this.  Yet the banks, through their legal arm, the International Bar Association, have owned the legal system for over 100 years.  Unfortunately for anyone who wants to get any justice through the proper channels, big corporations own the proper channels.  (They also own the media, which explains why we never heard anything about what is going on in Iceland, outside of volcanoes creating problems for commercial airlines.  They own these, too, and they want you to feel sorry for them, poor little global money-suckers.)

What can we learn from the people of Iceland?  Simple: if you want something fixed, you’re going to have to do it yourself.  Washington DC is not a state.  It is a little diamond, built on a swamp, that is filled with many swamp things.  You have watched enough horror movies to know that you cannot depend on local law enforcement to beat back the swamp things.  You have do go on the offensive.  I mean, isn’t the Walking Dead the most-watched show on network TV?  This is not just entertainment, people!  There is a message for us in there.

Now, I’m not saying we should get shotguns and mow down Congress.  I speak metaphorically.  South Carolina is outlawing Obamacare.  They are showing some independence, some backbone.  But Obamacare is just a tip of the iceberg, although it’s the biggest tip ever.  No, the problem is much deeper and unseen.  It lies in the quasi-government that has grown up around the real USA government like a banyan tree.  The real government is still there, but we are no longer allowed to see it, just like we are no longer allowed to see true self-government in action.  It’s like the image of the great and powerful Oz.  It looks big and scary.  But the reality is the little man behind the curtain, as our reality is the little men and women behind the voting curtains.

We need the same things that Dorothy and her friends needed.  We need the heart to take up the fight, the courage to stick it out no matter what, the brains to stay focused on the big picture and not be lured away by shiny trinkets.  And we need to remember that there is no place like home.  Nothing is ever going to be better than what our forefathers gave us.  It’s time to ignore the scary bullies in DC and get back home.

P.S. Anyone paying attention to what’s happening in Hungary and the Ukraine?  It’s not just Iceland anymore.

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