Kids don’t want ObamaCare? President Lucifer says, “Get them drunk.”

Come on college students, admit it. This is why you all love Obama so much, isn’t it? He tells you your binging, irresponsible ways are perfectly alright. In fact, he not only tells you that, he models it for you every day. Isn’t he just the greatest guy ever?!

Fellowship of the Minds

Washington Examiner / POLITICS: WHITE HOUSE

Obama calls on bartenders to host happy hours for Obamacare


Binge_Drinking_TUDuring today’s White House Youth Summit, President Obama called on young people to do whatever they can to promote his signature health care law — including plying their customers with cheap booze.

drinking“If you are a bartender, have a happy hour,” Obama said as the crowd laughed. “And also probably get health insurance because a lot of people don’t have it.”

Obama also encouraged young people who are student body presidents or workers at nonprofit organizations to help people get enrolled.

I'm President Lucifer, and I approved this tracking chip policy.

“If you’ve got a radio show, spread the word on air,” Obama added.

Obama called on young people’s sense of patriotism to join the cause.

“[The] bottom line is that I’m going to need you, the country needs you,” Obama said, reminding them that…

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