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Abortion card001 (Photo credit: John Ensor)

Having Abortions increases breat cancer risk considerably

(click on title to access WND report on the studies)

Almost 20 years ago, the truth came out that having an abortion seriously increased the likelihood of getting breast cancer.  The author was vilified.  The debunking train went into high gear.  And the American people bought it.  Now have come other studies that verify the original findings, and, in some cases, present the case more strongly.

Consider this–according to one new study, women who have three abortions are almost 100% at risk for breast cancer!

I’m not here to say that breast cancer only afflicts women who have had abortions, because a lot of women (and many men) who never had abortions still get breast cancer.  This is due to our terrible lifestyle and eating habits and all the addictive food additives that are allowed by our “safety-minded” FDA.   But, as is pointed out in one study, the number one predictor of breast cancer is abortion.   So, while we are trying to eradicate smoking, we are, at the same time, continuing to legalize abortion and also promote it as the final contraceptive.  Are we out of our flipping minds?

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December 4, 2013 · 11:41 am

One response to “Having Abortions increases breast cancer risk considerably

  1. wordpress screwup set sets related article font as huge. Can’t figure out why.

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