Gun Control — Getting schooled on the issue by a real American

What is the real issue of gun control? For 300 years, most of American households have included guns. When I was a child, it was considered normal that we would all learn how to use firearms and we would all eventually possess at least one, though most people possessed several with different capabilities for different uses.

When I was a child, the television didn’t include a daily dose of murder and mayhem. The local newspaper wasn’t full of stories of gun violence. The only occasional story of gun death was some hunter who failed to use proper caution. These stories were used to help us take to heart the need to respect guns.

When I was a teenager, suddenly, the television was overrun with cop shows. People were being murdered on the television on a daily basis. But, of course, these shows all took place in some large, seedy big city such as Chicago or Los Angeles, or New York. For the next 30 years, we were constantly bombarded with the idea that guns were for killing people. And yet I never knew anyone who owned a gun who had killed anyone or even shot at anyone.

Now that I live closer to Chicago, I have met people who have used guns and people who have survived being shot by guns. I have come to understand that these people didn’t grow up in the America in which I grew up. They grew up in a world where crime and corruption ruled and the law-abiding citizen was powerless to do anything about it.

In the last decade, I have watched as their America quickly became my America. I now look on in utter amazement as every child who watches the glamorization of criminals on the damnable television gets the idea that he or she wants to be a gansta. While I have seen the death of American life as I learned it, I have also seen the attempt to disarm the citizenry. There can be only one reason why this has been done in Chicago, and only one reason why it is being attempted around the country. It is so that anyone who owns a gun can be called a criminal. Once this is accomplished, then the government will be justified in declaring war on its own citizenry.

People don’t pay attention to history. The idea that the State must protect the citizens from themselves is Fascism at its finest. Once our rights of self-protection and self-preservation are ceded to the government, they cease to be our rights. Once our rights are gone, we cease to be free men and women.

I have seen the devastation that still lingers in the black community because they can’t get over the fact that their ancestors were not free men and women. It hangs over them, clouds and colors every thought that they have. And I believe that it is their greatest impediment to realizing the American Dream. They are conditioned to believe that it doesn’t exist for them.

Every citizen of the United States is now in the same predicament. For decades, our education system has been preparing our children to adopt the attitude of slavery–that we cannot stand on our own two feet, that the government must run our lives from cradle to grave. The true agenda of gun control is fostered and justified by this very idea. A disarmed people is a compliant people. Excellent slaves we will make, indeed.


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December 4, 2013 · 11:22 am

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