Gandhi to Asaram: Who Empowers the Sex Crimes of ‘Gurus?’

In “Malcolm X”, the great awakening in his life comes when he realizes that the great leaders for whom he gave his life in service were, in reality, nothing more than financial and sexual opportunists. There is an unspeakably great responsibility for true spiritual leaders not to fall to the very temptations they decry. Many do so from weakness, but many more only use the cloak of their position to prey upon the unsuspecting sheep. May they be eternally condemned!

While I decry feminism, a blatant attempt of women to dominate society, I also decry the depths of sexual exploitation and butchery perpetuated by these demons in the guise of gurus. In America, while less obvious, sexual slavery is also alive and growing. Human trafficking is, has been, and always will be a problem of epidemic proportions. Though I am a Christian, I recognize that there are as many wolves leading the Christian flocks as there are anywhere else. It has to stop! This is why it’s paramount for the people in the pews to know the truth for themselves, so that they can spot and remove such men immediately. Shame on those who prey on the innocent, and shame on anyone who condones it!


by Rita Banerji

It’s uncanny how similar he is to Gandhi.  I’m talking about Asaram, the Indian spiritual leader who was recently arrested for sexually assaulting the 15-year-old daughter of one of his devotees.

Both Gandhi and Asaram commanded followers in the millions, who regarded them as saints, spiritual ‘guides’ and called them “Bapu” or Father.

Both Gandhi and Asaram regarded sex as and sexual desire as “sins,” and any expression of sexuality as ‘dirty’ imports from the west that needed to be shunned because they ruin India’s youth and culture.  Both preached abstinence to their followers and the control of sexual desire as a form of self-‘purification.’

And both Gandhi and Asaram in hypocritical violations of their own preaching, indulged in sexual gratification of one kind or another, even when it resulted in the sexual abuse of girls and women in their flock.

Details that continue to emerge

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