J. Warner Wallace: why didn’t Jesus reveal scientific facts to prove his divinity?

It is the tendency of people to forget and become more confused about the facts over time. That is why credible witnesses are used and time is of the essence when staging any trial. The New Testament records hundreds of these credible witnesses, and hundreds of acts of Jesus which would have proved his divinity even before he rose from the dead, not the least of which would have been his ability to revive dead people of whom Lazarus was already in a bad state of decay, leaving no doubt as that he was really dead. Today, in our increasingly cynical world, we tend to forget that blood work and DNA are a small part of forensics that are not even necessary when credible witnesses are present. Due to the high trickery of modern courts, however, even credible witnesses to not ensure the proper outcome. That is why so many cannot accept the credible evidence as it was recorded 2000 years ago. Somehow they doubt that such “primitive” people could understand how to construct such evidence. These modern doubters are the same people who’s math skills can’t hold a candle to those people of Jesus’ time.
As for the fact that Jesus never spoke of the great computer age to come, consider that the entire ability of modern computers will be zero after a major electro-magnetic war. What we understand to be universal today could be a historical cypher tomorrow. But we will always understand the impact of eye-witnesses.


I was listening to J. Warner Wallace’s latest podcast and he mentioned this Cold Case Christianity post because it is getting a lot of attention.


Last Wednesday I had the opportunity to defend the reliability of the New Testament Gospels to the students of San Jose State UniversityJane Pantig (the director of the local Ratio Christi chapter) invited me, and I was delighted to come. I’ve been working with Ratio Christi across the country to defend the Christian worldview on college campuses. If you aren’t acquainted with the work of this growing apologetics movement, you really ought to familiarize yourself with Ratio Christi and find a way to support their efforts. At the end of my presentation, during the question and answer period, a polite young skeptic asked why Jesus didn’t reveal scientific facts in an effort to demonstrate His Deity. Why didn’t Jesus describe something…

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