Obamacare — Yes, you can’t access it. But that’s not the problem.


Many is the jibe being taken at the complete failure of the roll-out of the new ACA signup website.   Much is the hand-wringing that both sides of the Washington political aisle are trotting out to help us express our frustration and deal with the pain.  Everyone agrees that there is serious trouble here.  Unfortunately, no one seems to mention that the serious trouble is located beyond the firewall.  Despite Obama’s oration that the access meltdown is hiding a good product, it is, in reality, only keeping everyone from seeing the real meltdown inside.

As reported on The Last Refuge,  there is an unsecured website that you can access to see what ACA will cost in your state.  (Unfortunately, you can also find there the names and addresses of everyone who’s signed up for it so far.  So much for confidentiality.)  It seems that, for me, a healthy, non-medicated 50+ individual, the cheapest catastrophic policy will run me $402/month, although I did hear on the radio this morning (WTMJ  AM1130) that I’ll be able to get that for $313/month, or, $3756 per year.  For that I get a $6500 deductible and 60% copay.  So, for anything short of terminal cancer care (which I would refuse anyway), I might as well not be insured at all.  In ten years’ time I could pay cash for most major surgeries.  Of course, if I don’t take the insurance, in ten years I will pay about $28,000 in fines (taxes) anyway.  But at least I won’t have to get the chip that comes with Obamacare subsidies implanted (see here and here).

By paying the fines instead of having the insurance, I’d save about $9000.  I’m thinking that I also could tap into the myriad of back-room doctors who will have given up hospital medicine for the inability to afford working in the system.  I’m sure they would fix me up for pennies on the dollar, since there would be no insurance bureaucracy to deal with.  (I’ve previously blogged about the man who couldn’t afford his $7000 copay for a $27000 operation, but, by agreeing to pay cash, got the same procedure done for $3000.)  And, by having all of natural healing to work with, I could probably avoid all the really expensive medical bills anyway.  So, I could probably have three bone breaks fixed on my$9000 I have left over.  If I would need more than $9000 could cover, it probably means I’m not supposed to be alive anymore and spending any more money on it would only extend my misery.

The serious upshot of Obamacare is exactly what I pointed out here.   The only people who will sign up for it are those who get it at or near free and those who have serious health issues.  The system is designed so that the young and healthy must pay for the poor and sick, and also pay for all kinds of social fixes (such as contraception and abortion) that were once considered personal choice options that should not fall on the dole of the other insured or on the tax-payer.  Unfortunately, no one is going to see any advantage in signing up for something that does nothing but fleece their pockets.  Therefore, ACA will result in

staggering losses in medical jobs

staggering shortfalls in funding which will fall to tax-payers to cover with even more “other” taxes

causing the number of uninsured to rise.

Perhaps we will find a silver lining here.  Perhaps hundreds of millions of people will learn that they can survive and even thrive without the help of big medicine and big pharma.  Perhaps, when this happens, the light will finally dawn on what really drives health care costs out of sight–insurance red tape and insurance back-door price fixing with the medical and pharmaceutical industries.  In the meantime, prepare for massive suffering of patients and those forced into compliance or poverty or denied their civil rights.  Prepare for “acceptable losses” reminiscent of Stalinist Russia or Maoist China.  And understand that this is the true end game here.  Anyone older can remember how we pitied the poor people stuck in those countries.  But, as Jesus would have told us, don’t weep for them, but weep for yourselves.  Because your desolation is coming.

This Just In!   Judge to hear case invalidating Obamacare in the 36 States who chose not to set up exchanges.    Unfortunately, we’ve had these sure signs of the death of Obamacare before.  In the past, the Supreme Court has no problems overturning 200 years of precedent in order to keep the train rolling.  If this one ends up in the Supreme Court, what’s to stop it from happening again.

Here is a thought, though.  Perhaps the Democratic party is reaching the point where they would welcome any excuse to kill the ACA without having to take responsibility for killing it.  This would be just as good an out as blaming it on Bush.  We will have to wait and see, since a ruling is not expected until Feb 15, when plans would already be in force and chaos magnified if the brakes are suddenly squeezed.

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