Stooping to Their Level

Dont have much time to write tonight as I am way behind packing for tomorrow.  It has occured to me, though, that conservatives, patriots, etc. had better be a little careful.  We shouldn’t be giving Obama a reason to declare martial law.  You want to go through the barriers and see the memorials?  Fine, I can go along with that, and so can almost anyone, liberal or other.  But, when you take those barricades–government property–and throw them in a pile in front of the White House, you are now committing several offenses, or which destruction of public property and assault come to mind.

I can understand that you are angry.  Despicable things are happening.  But I get the suspicious feeling that these responses are exactly what the administration wants.  If conservatives show themselves to be on the fringe by their fringe reactions, then everything can be blamed on them.  If, however, conservative continue to comport themselves in a respectful manner, as they did during the last election cycle, then the continuing pressure of Obama’s policies on the betrayed left will eventually bring about implosion.  Obama needs conservatives to save his derriere by giving him an out.  Don’t do it!

Meanwhile, a message to conservative Republicans:  Don’t believe for a moment that you can compromise and win anything, or that you are losing by not doing so.  The cracks are beginning to show everywhere.  This is not the time to let the water out of the dam.  Keep up the pressure!

The first side that blinks will lose.  Remember that we conservatives have already lost just about everything, so, in essence, we have nothing to lose. Might as well go for broke.  Stay the course.  Yes Bush said it, but then he didn’t DO it.  That’s why he was a one-term president.  Any of you in congress want to follow his example?  I’m sure you’ll have a lot of time to contemplate your mistake in your new life in the private sector.


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