What’s a busy guy to do?

Already I find myself up against the proverbial wall again in regard to finances.  That he led to the decision to follow the work to Missouri for a week or two.  Once again the blogging is on the back burner until further notice.  I leave Wednesday.

Of late, I’ve had much I’d like to begin.  But the knowledge gathering, due to a pack schedule, has come at the expense of sleep, leaving little time to write.  Some of that sleep deprivation has occurred while sitting in on some excellent college economics courses.  That is going to continue as I become, in essence, a research assistant for a cum laude student.  I am happy to help, though, now that he has been forced by the police state and academia to either work 12-hou days or be thrown out of the university 12 credits shy of graduation and into jail for being poor.  Praise the Lord he found a job.  Pray the Lord his unreliable transportation doesn’t resume her crack use and leave him unemployed or worse.  Each day we receive our daily bread and work on a backup plan.  At the moment, mine is going to Missouri, and I will be praying every day that his world won’t collapse in my absence.

There are many topics I’d like to blog about in depth, and here are some of them:

1.  The ebb and flow of people from one tax bracket to another.  A lot of people who show up in the 1% are only there on a shooting star.  For whatever reason, they have a huge influx of capital which only occurs once before they return to a much more modest income, perhaps even to middle class.  In my case, an inheritance lifted me out of poverty for a very short and unsustainable time.  The housing bubble knocked me back down again.  High capital gains and inheritance taxes are some ways in which the true elite keep the low man down.  Trusts and other money hiding schemes mean the true rich don’t pay these taxes.

2. Sigma 6.  One of the things I’ve begun to learn about is quality control, and how to use statistics to not only forecast the outcome of processes but also to change operating procedures to create a better outcome.  My friend the economics genius was surpised to find out, when he talked to his boss who was touting how he had turned production around, that his boss had never heard of Sigma 6.   To be fair, I run my own businesses and neither have I.  But I am an army of one, self-taught in business, and not in the job of process manager for a billion-dollar company.  What I have learned, however, is that applying Sigma 6 to my life and my businesses would greatly help me see improvements in my bottom line, and, likely, allow me to get more sleep as well.   The reason most people and businesses in America fail is because  most people can’t even get to Sigma 1.

I also began to think about Sigma 6 in the Christian life, versus the perfection that God demands.  A lot of Christians go around thinking that if they just believe enough then God should make their lives wonderful.   Or, if they are good enough, God should love them extra-specially.  However, even Sigma 6 assumes some 34 errors in a million processes.  Of course we know that most of us can’t get through 100 processes without being outside the tolerance (out of control) on 34 of them.  So, most Christians are stuck at Sigma 1.  And this doesn’t even take into consideration our thoughts, which are usually wrong.  For instance, the Bible says, “bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.”  For me, it often works liked this.   **That person just bumped into me and made me spill my coffee.  I’d really like to smack the person clear across the room and damn him to hell at the top of my voice.  But, wait, the Bible says I’m not suppose to do that.  Better force a smile.**  “Excuse me.  That’s OK, no problem. :D”  Yes, the outcome is within tolerance standards, but not the process.

3.  Why don’t politicians read the bills on which they vote?  Here I’d like to explore the magnitude of the legislation that exists in this country and the fact that even one law is so bloated with definitions and exceptions that it requires a team of lawyers and bureaucrats just to implement.   Since legislation usually revolves around the wording of some sub-paragraph of 1000-page document, and, since no legislator is really clear what the law does, they have to make decisions based on what they are told by their staff or or the staff of the lobbyist who is paying them to vote for it.  If the lobbyist says it’s a good thing, must be true.  We need to take a close look at the exponential growth in statutory law and understand that the only way to fix it is to start cutting out whole sections and streamlining the rest.  The income tax code is chapter 7700.  Could anyone in the world start at the beginning of the Uniform Commercial Code and, by just reading the opening headings, even get to the tax code?  Maybe, in a lifetime, living in seclusion with no TV, no sports, no recreation of any kind and 24-hour room service.  Seems like it’s a little inappropriate to ask of anyone, especially busy congress people.

4. Just who or what is the antichrist?  Is it the same as the beast or the man of lawlessness?  Is it spiritual or political?  I have heard a lot of wild ideas about the whole Armageddon thing.  A lot of people who claim to know the Bible have said some pretty contradictory things.  Of course, for me to share my opinions of the subject might just get me accused of hate speech or banned or shut down or all three.  But, part of believing what you believe is having the conviction to tell is to those who will probably hate you for it because they don’t want to accept the truth.  I have talked about this many times before.  I you can’t say it out loud, then you don’t really believe it.

I was really blown away by this little interview with USC students.  It’s interesting what they accept as truth when they are completely at a loss as to explain why.  There is a danger here for everyone, be they “born-again” Christian moralists or atheist pot-smoking tree lovers.  Convictions are usually based on facts that can be articulated.  So many people seem to be blindly accepting what someone tells them without any rational thought at all.  I am reminded of the saying that even a blind squirrel can find a nut once in awhile.  It’s a pretty tenuous position to just accept the first theory you hear at face value and make it you life creed.  This is especially true in our educational indoctrination systems, now that the fringe radicals are doing all the preaching from Education’s pulpits.  But it also holds for the millions of “Bible-believing” church-goers who know nothing of the Bible beyond what the person in the pulpit is telling them.  I know many will hate me for saying this, but there are a lot of fringe radicals in those pulpits as well.

It shouldn’t come as any shock to anyone to know that, during the build-up to the civil war,  preachers in the North condemned slavery from the Bible, while preachers from the South upheld the institution from the same Bible.  This is, unfortunately, what happens when unqualified people presume to speak for God.  You can take anything you want out of context and prove your point.  For instance, the Bible tells sinners to commit suicide.  After all, it says, “Judas went and hanged himself . . . You go and do the same.”  What bible really says about slavery is that every person should try to be free, but, if you are obligated to someone, you should serve that person as best as you can.  It also says that all people are slaves.  They are either slaves to their own wicked desires or slaves of God.  Therefore you station in life as slave or free matters very little.  This is especially comforting news in America, where we are all now enslaved by the Federal Government.  You can be a slave, be the best one you can be, and still be free in your mind.  You can still enjoy what is free–grass, flowers, air, sky, sunsets and sunrises and the warmth of a love-one’s smile are all still free.


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