Obama, the Chameleon: His True Colors Exposed

What Obama has done to this country and many Middle East countries is worse terrorism by far than 9-11

In a recent interview with Michael Savage, Walid Shoebat reveals what every in the Middle East knows about Barack Hussein Obama–that he is not only most likely a Muslim, but that he is a full-time backer of the Muslim Brotherhood and their terrorist operations.  I have mentioned before that there is much to support these statements.  But, in this interview, we hear difinitive proof.  Now, many will rally to Obama’s defense and tell us that this is just not true, that no credible American news source has ever hinted of such things.  But the truth is that many credible news sources are continuously reporting the truth and all of this information is censored in America so that the bleating sheep never hear about it.

Besides the fact that he is, through his family, directly responsible for the chaos in Egypt, Benghazi and Libya, there comes further substantiation that the serin  gas attacks were indeed not the work of the Syrian army but of the rebel, AL-Qaeda led army.

Go the Shoebat’s website to view his report’s on what is really going on with BHO and the Middle East.  Not only has Obama used military resources to help is brothehood bretheren, but he also involved the IRS in helping his half brother open and run a terrorist fund-raising campaign in America.  I have to agree with his assessment.  I am more inclined to side with Russian President Putin when it comes to world event that my own government leader.

This is just another indication that the great switch is continuing in earnest.  Former strongholds of socialism and communism are embracing freedom and sanity while America continues to run headlong into the insanity that others have cast off.  Time to wake up, America!


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8 responses to “Obama, the Chameleon: His True Colors Exposed

  1. Jeffrey Hardin

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  2. I think a review of Mr Shoebat and his veracity could be enlightening.

    • The veracity of one’s sources if always a concern. Since I don’t know first hand, nor can I speak Arabic, I’m not in a strong position to verify what was said in Arabic. Are you?

      • I live in the Middle East but my Arabic isn’t that good. I’ll get one of my guys to watch the videos and give me the details.

        But – are the comments about him plastered all over the the web black information to discredit him or are they genuine? We will probably never be able to untangle the truth.

        It’s a murky world here

      • Thanks for the input. If only I had a staff, I could do justice to more things. As it stands, I do not fear the Muslims based on their ability to propagate so much as the few behind the scene acting in concert with others from other backgrounds who are trying to use all the fronts as a confusing smoke screen to keep us from knowing just who they are. Whether Obama really is a Muslim is less important than whether he is subverting sovereigns for an ant-American agenda or a pro-Brotherhood agenda.

      • I don’t use replies, etc to discuss my book – but you really should read it iNation. It’s content goes right to the heart of your argument – how behind the scenes powerful people are manipulating America/black ops/ false-flag attacks/disinformation. A group of people who hold no allegiance to any country, race, creed, color or religion who have changed the way we live, and not for the better.

      • Yes, I should read it and review it. I don’t read much fiction, because, as they say, the truth is stranger.

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