In God we Don’t Trust: And there is no Trust.

A long-running divergence of ideology has now come to this–the man who tried to make everyone believe about me that “you can’t trust that cracker!”  was just spotted, sitting in his car, four houses down the street, slung down low, with a club in the front seat.  Seems I have managed to prove his point.  Some criminal junk that he pulled went haywire when I innocently informed the authorities of the facts in a certain matter which pertained to him.  So it is all my fault that his scheme didn’t work.  Well, at least today he didn’t tell anyone in my house that we’d better watch out or we’ll come home to find the house burned down.

When I was growing up, most people I knew trusted in God to see them through and help them prosper.  And most people knew that others trusted in God as well.  The fact that we all bowed to a deity and had reverence for God meant that we could be trusted to have deference for our neighbors as well.   The money said we trusted in God, and we all said it church on Sunday morning.

Today, some 80% of Americans surveyed said they were Christian.  But, when asked if they attend worship regularly, only 10% of Christians turned out to be practicing Christians.  The other 90%, it seems, like the idea of Christ, but they don’t really want to pin their lives on him.  In other words, they don’t trust him with their lives.  Of the other 20%, probably 75% are agnostic or atheist.  No trust in God there.

Essentially, we have become a nation that doesn’t trust God.  And why should we, when we have doctors we can trust, lawyers we can trust, politicians we can trust, insurance companies and police and fire fighters we can trust.  We have life alert, life lock, all kinds of securities we can trust.  So, why trust God?  Interestingly, now that we don’t trust in God, we don’t trust each other either.


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