Sci Lies By Political Guys

What hurts badly, of course, is that social experiments based upon faulty models end up costing a lot of money in several ways. In terms of ethanol, those include early deterioration of engines, really stinky air for neighbors of ethanol plants, and lower gas mileage. But, of course, the greatest cost is the “hidden tax” that it puts on every consumer. When larger a larger acreages are devoted to growing corn for ethanol, less and less are the fields bearing crops for animal feeds and human consumption. Thus the cost of food has more than doubled very quickly. This is truly a hidden tax because food doesn’t even get reported in the main inflation index. However, this is a very regressive tax, because it affects the poor most of all. Not only can they buy less with their money, but also food pantries that help feed the poor receive much less food and are not able to buy as much with donations.
Anyone who ever drove through Gary, Indiana in the 60’s would agree that the air was too polluted. But, air quality now is a far cry from then. It is still not good enough for some, though, and that is why the Global Warming myth must be propagated. However, CO2 taxes do nothing to reduce global warming or increase the amount. of oxygen on the planet. Trees and plants eat CO2 and make oxygen, which means that CO2 isn’t polluting anything, only feeding trees. As far the small amounts of dirty air left, the world’s ecosystem can take care of that just like it cleaned up the gulf oil spill–all by itself.


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