The Top 10 Ways The US Government Shutdown Will Affect You Today

In the Old West, there wasn’t a whole lot of policing in place besides some marshals and local sheriffs. Most people carried guns, and few people tried bad things. Those that did usually didn’t live too long. The old westerns make it seem like half the people were involved in shootouts of some kind or other. In reality, it was about as rare as the true numbers in Gay-Lesbian alliance. In other words, the only hardships most people had to endure were the forces of nature.
I’m all for law. But, we have a document called the Constitution that restricted the scope of regulation (not true law) and afforded people the protections under the natural law. Over time, we’ve been led to believe we need more regulations to prevent people from stepping on our freedom, not realizing that each regulation we pass does exactly that. And in order to pay to implement all these regulations (and the salaries of those who regulated the regulators, and those who regulate the regulator regulators, and so on ad nausium), we are encouraged to fork over just a half percent here and a nickel there, until we now pay a stagering 80+% of our money in income taxes, excise taxes, value added taxes, tarrifs, property taxes (we have to rent our own land), and licensing fees, not to mention the huge regulatory fees that businesses pass on to us.
There is really only one way to fix what America has become. We have to close forever the doors to the Corporate US that Roosevelt established in order to end run the Constitution. It’s time for brainwashed people to learn the truth. Income tax is voluntary, but all people are, unless explicitly stating the desire not to be, automatically included in the Corporate United States, and, as such, subject to all fees and taxes that the Corporation demands of its members. It’s not easy to get out of the Corporation, because every part of our lives, from banks to churches to passport, is firmly ensconced in it. But, if you have the motivation to really live free and learn to live without the Corporation, you can do it. Most people would rather seek entitlements from the Corporation in exchange for memebership costs. However, maybe we have finally come to the tipping point where even the best entitlements are no longer worth the cost for most people. We know it’s going to collapse, so it’s probably a good time to start thinking about how to survive without it. You might need to get a new gun belt for the trusty six-shooter.

Notice that two of the three real things that affect you today in this list are an inability to purchase self-protection devices and to travel (and why we admonish those who can to get a foreign passport before they close the gates on the US tax farm for good)…you should not only not be worried about a true shuttering of the federal government but should be hoping and preparing for it.

by Jeff Berwick via The Dollar Vigilante

The stroke of midnight has just passed and the US government has turned into a pumpkin.  Well, we wish.  In fact the US government like some eternal zombie continues to walk the Earth even without the souls of taxpayers upon which to feast.  And, even that isn’t totally true.  Like any zombie it still collects the blood of its victims (taxes) even while most of its zombie army (federal government employees) sit…

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