Alert! : Young Lovers Killed Brutally : Barbarism continues in India…

I have had many, many views from India of my article. “Shoud Women Rule the World?”. In the back of my mind, I understand that what I say must be hard for them to swallow, because they live in a society where the men , to a large degree, don’t know how to treat a woman correctly. Still, I stand behind what I wrote.


Part of what I wrote is that, as the Bible says, when two become one flesh in marriage, the woman becomes part of the man. Any man who would treat his wife in such a way or degrade women in general must really hate himself, for he is degrading part of himself. In this way, then, men around the world degrade themselves and their societies by treating half of them as less than human.
The problem will not be solved by role reversal, however. In the United States, women, whether they realize it or not, are in control. But, instead of bringing equality and the end to degradation, they have turned men into second-class citizens.
Many years ago I was teaching in a preschool. It was a temporary job for me until I could afford to go back to school for my degree. Nevertheless, I took it quite seriously, passed my required course with a 4.0 grade point average (perfect score for foreigners who may not know), and worked very hard at my job. For this, I was treated with disdain by the other teachers and aids, all of whom were women. If any child anywhere near me was hurt or crying, the first thing I would hear was, “Oh, he’s a man. He doesn’t know what he’s doing.” Only when I saved two children from drowning did I get any respect. Frankly, I didn’t care about too much because I was focusing on the children. I was quickly shown that there was no place for a man around children, at least in the eyes of these women.
The world is full of selfish people. It doesn’t matter whether we are male or female, we want to be in charge. But, using our position of authority selfishly and without regard for the feelings of others creates untold hurt and dissent. Unfortunately, we pass all of these negative emotions to our children. In America, the result is that the new generation has been raised to believe that men are stupid and useless. In India, among other things, it’s the belief the children are slaves of their parents, to the point of killing a child for wanting her own life. I am the first to believe that children should obey their parents. But I am also the first to believe that parents must let their grown children make their adult decisions for themselves, not matter how badly they turn out. Once a child reaches maturity, parents’ ideas become a guide and cease to be the law.


(The trend, of course, is to keep raising the age of what constitutes a child. At the same time, children are no longer encouraged to grow up and be responsible. I would think that, if a child is old enough to vote and serve in the military, then the child should be mature enough to live independently. This means that, in the US, 18-year-old people should be grown up. Unfortunately, our matriarchal society has determined that children should not leave the mother’s teat until late 20’s. Even the new health care laws allow a child to remain a child until 26. A century ago, US children had to grow up by early teens. This century’s late maturing of children is a major failure of US society.)
God gave women the privilege of childbirth. No man can do it. Therefore, we must treasure our women. The very existence of men is impossible without women. Behind every good man is a good mother. Men, on the other hand because they do not bear children, must have a role if half of society is not to be irresponsible. Men have strong backs, endurance and industriousness. Men should take the lead, then, in providing for their most precious gifts from God–their wives and their children. (And, if you are Christian, like me, you understand that God also gives men the responsibility to provide for the spiritual needs of the family. Too often, this has been wrongly delegated to mothers. Even if you have no family of your own, there are certainly enough fatherless children who could use a good male role model. Heaven knows they have enough bad ones already.)


honor killing2

On Wednesday (18-Sep-2013) evening, a village in Haryana looked on as a girl was lynched by her family, and a boy beheaded. Hours ago, they had returned to the village, thinking that their families would finally allow them to marry.

The girl’s parents and uncle have been arrested and her brother is missing since the crime, a shocking example of medieval-style killings in the name of ‘family honour‘ in Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda’s hometown, Rohtak, and in a village just 80 km from the capital.

Nidhi Barak, 20, and Dharmender Barak, 22, eloped and went to neighbouring Delhi on Tuesday, since their families back in the Gharnavati village did not approve of their relationship. Nidhi was a student of fine arts, while Dharmender was pursuing a technical course.

Nidhi’s parents allegedly persuaded her to come back, promising not to harm the young lovers.

The police say what followed…

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