Why Social Issues Matter: Bored, Angry and Disillusioned Young Men

DP Moynihan was, indeed, a liberal. But, more importantly, he was a gentleman. His way of influencing was not shouting down the opposition until they gave up. It was thought-provoking rhetoric. We have little capacity for such in our modern, sound bitten age. One reason, I think, that it’s so hard to educate today’s youth is that the educators have no education, no understanding of the very skills they are trying to instill in their charges. Comes this story of the teachers who have to be told how to dress appropriately. Comes the news from a study of the university system in my state that the majority of those who graduated with a degree in education were dropouts from other disciplines who discovered that the education track was the only way to salvage a diploma. So, our educators, those who should prepare our children for their place in society, are barely cognizant themselves of civilized behavior, Parents, sadly, are even more clueless than the teachers. There are, of course, huge exceptions. These people either have the means or opportunity (vouchers, religious schools) of opting out of school system of the masses. Many states try to help that segment grow and are sadly undermined by the federal government watchdogs who would have those students be locked into the system of the masses in the name of “equality”. Thus it is that Louisiana must send it’s black students to the failing schools . So it is that pressure from teachers’ unions and others turned Wisconsin’s expansion of vouchers into such a joke of bureaucracy that no school system would think of going through all the necessary paperwork just to add 1% to the voucher program.
Alas, what hope is there to trumpet the causes of civility when there is no one out there who has been trained to concentrate long enough or read well enough to discover that we have answers?

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