Who’s fooling who?

There are many credible reports floating around that the sarin gas attacks are not the work of the Syrian army at all, but, in fact, were launched by the very rebels that the United States is planning to aid.   Here is one such story, which cites a Russian intelligence report of the subject.

I don’t know if it’s too late to stop the speeding train that wants to turn America into a lying, cheating aggressor nation, but I think we have to try.  What always gave me a sense of pride in my nation was that we stood up for the oppressed, for the wronged.  How can I possibly continue to back a government that is doing the wronging?

At some point, all of our dirty little intrigues for the moneyed elite are going to come back to bite us.  When are we going to realize that they profit and we suffer the consequences?  Is it going to take the final bottom of the financial catch net breaking before we realize that we are morally and financially utterly bankrupt?

There is only one thing that can stop the train.  We must share the truth with as many as possible — NOW.  Please read the report on who really is behind the sarin attacks.  Please, blog, reblog, Facebook, whatever, and get this out now.  Tomorrow may be too late.


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One response to “Who’s fooling who?

  1. Fighting Syria. It’s odd to see Al Qaeda and the USA on the same side.

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