Economics of Time

My computer is running more and more slowly.  I know it has a boat load of viruses, worms, trojans, add-ware, trackers, what have you.   Time is money.  The question becomes, not so much, do I have time for blogging, but, if I upgraded the computer, would I save enough time that I could be blogging and still get everything else done?  Perhaps.

Learning to juggle all the time-saving devices at my disposal could probably put my productivity through the roof.  But it takes time to master how this is done.  In panic mode (normal mode of day for many people), where does one find this time?

Found a great app for the iPod–Sticky Study.  All of the HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi, Chinese level tests) characters in a flash card mode that uses algorithms to track your hits and misses and then most efficiently retest you on them until you know them.  Gives you the ability to create your own test lists, such as all the words with a given radical, so you can learn to distinguish between characters that look almost alike.  Five dollars well-spent, and better than anything I had previously.     Replaces 20 pounds of flash cards, and much easier to carry.  And all it takes to utilize this upgrade is to keep the iPod charged.  All that takes is religiously plugging it in at night, and, since the flash card program drains the battery pretty fast, religiously keeping the car charger in the car.  The one drawback of the program, you see, is that, when the battery is about half discharged, the program starts to slow down.

Yes, I said I don’t have time to study Chinese.  Like everything else, I have made time.  Cost me 5 dollars.  Costs me ten seconds at night to plug in the iPod.  Costs me ten seconds in the morning to check for the car charger.  Probably will save me one year of vocabulary studying at two hours a day.  2 hours times 250 days a year = 500 hours.  500 hours @ 50/hour = $25,000.   $25,000 is more than $20,000.  I win.

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