Why did cops kill this 95-year-old in walker?

Why should we get rid of ObamaCare? Simple. We are all going to be forced to accept the treatments the government wants to give us. That doesn’t just mean that we will be denied treatment for some things. It also means that we will have no choice whether to undergo a treatment with which we disagree. Already, people in this country are restrained from leaving the country if they seek medical treatments that are banned in the US, even though those treatments are probably their only chance at survival after they have survived years of torturous medications that have done nothing but leave them weak and desperate. Already, children are taken from parents who do not want to subject them to medical torture simply because they might have a 2% (in other words, statistically insignificant) better chance of survival. Do we get it yet? It’s time to stop letting in the trojan horses.

Reclaim Our Republic

World War II hero Tasered, shot in stomach
John Wrana and his wife, Helen, in 2005 (Family photo from attorney Nick Grapsas)
August 5, 2013 by Chelsea Schilling

A 95-year-old man who served his country during World War II is now dead after police stormed his retirement home with riot shields, Tasered him and shot him with bean bag rounds – all because he adamantly refused to undergo high-risk surgery.

U.S. Army Air Corps veteran John Wrana, who was honorably discharged as a sergeant after he served in the India-Burma campaign, used a walker because family members said he was “wobbly” on his feet, according to the Chicago Tribune. The elderly veteran was shot down by enemy fire during the war.

On July 26, a doctor reportedly told Wrana if he survived surgery, he would likely be put on life support. The elderly man refused the operation, and paramedics attempted…

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