You money or your life?

Apologies that I have so neglected writing this month.  Like all good things in life, they are not seen by the bean-counting set as being very practical.  After all, talking, making music, writing, reading do not in themselves produce a tangible product.  In other words, there is no money in it.

I was taught to believe that education was priceless.  Indeed, it is.  Nobody will give you anything for your education, although it will cost you almost everything to get a good one, or even a not-so-good one.  Education will give you knowledge, which is power, and learning the truth would set you free.

That used to be the case.  Knowledgeable men, truly knowledgeable and judicious men, men with integrity and far-sightedness, used to run this country.  In those times, education provided all of the above.  Now that the only education that counts is learning how to cheat the system and to whom you must kiss up to get ahead, true knowledge doesn’t do one a hill of beans.  At least, you can’t take it to the bank.

Well, maybe you can.  Knowledge is still a good thing.  And you can still put some of it together with hard work and still make a go in this world–for now.  No need to give up–yet.  This is where I find myself these days.  I spent the better part of two weeks roofing a house.  I took a pay cut from my day job, but working solid ten hour days is good for the health and wealth anyway.  Now, back to my day job, with a lot of work on which to catch up.  But, that is the point.  Now I have steady work, not hit and miss.

I am against the wall.  Blogging is wonderful, as is reading.  But staying out of foreclosure is the goal of the day, and becoming good at the thing I most struggle with (business) is the only focus.  Yesterday was a rest day, and time to play the piano again.  Today, church and then back to work.  My life suffers from many deprivations at the moment.  But, I desperately need the money.  So, which is it going to be?  My money or my life?



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