NSA Blackmailing our leaders?

English: "Gog and Magog giving Paddy a Li...

English: “Gog and Magog giving Paddy a Lift Out of the Mire.” From Punch magazine, 1846 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here is the article In question.  Devvy Kid–Blackmail?

In the Bible, we hear of Gog and Magog slugging it out for the control of the world.  We get the idea that this is some great battle of foreign armies.  But, Revelation is talking about spiritual warfare, the warfare of ideologies, if you will.  So, perhaps, instead of seeing Gog and Magog as nations, we should see them as ideologies, each with it’s own leaders.

What I’m trying to say is that, more than likely, there isn’t just one all-encompassing secret order bent on world domination.  I happen to think there are many.  And two sort of take turns dominating the landscape.  For laughs, let’s call them NWO and anti-NWO.

In the American prohibition days, a strange thing happened.  The president became a fascist, complete with goon squads to help control the masses.  About the same time, a new breed of free-marketer appeared, the kind that resisted the new fascist government by bootlegging liquor.  Although this new breed of men were highly unscrupulous and not a little dangerous, they were admired by the masses who chafed under Prohibition.

As Wilson’s presidency came to an end, and prohibition along with it, the new marketers did not just declare victory for the common man and stand down.  With the retreat from Wilson’s fascism came a gap in the power structure that they were ready to exploit.  And so a new kind of Caesar arose, although this one was under ground.  These men were the anti-Caesars.  Their goal was to keep the government from usurping the new power that they felt was rightfully theirs.

If we want to get a really good example of Caesar and anti-Caesar, we didn’t have to wait long.  In the 1930’s, the great Caesar Franklin Delano Roosevelt arose.  At first, the anti-Caesars like Joseph Kennedy sought to control him for their own purposes.  But, eventually, when he proved to be a man with his own (and possibly someone else’s) agenda, he had to be stopped.   Consequently, Joseph Kennedy planned to unseat FDR in the 1940 election.  But Caesar had the goods on him.  So, Joe decided to bide his time until he could unseat the Caesar by making one of his sons Caesar.

A careful study of presidential dynamics over the years shows us that most presidents have had the backing of one side or the other in this turf war, and sometimes both.  No surprise to find that the same Chicago tough guys who helped buy the election for JFK managed to do the same the BHO.  This after the Caesar-makers acheived a 20-year run with Bush/Clinton/Bush.  (Pretty neat how they snookered us into thinking they were men from two different ideologies, just because one was a jackass and the other two loved peanuts.)  But, just as it looked like Hill would lengthen the run, the anti-Caesars overcame with their man BHO.  It’s going to be interesting to see these two slug it out in 2016.  Oh, but, for you, it doesn’t matter much.  You’re just a serf, after all.

So, what does this have to do with blackmail?  Well, it appears that the NSA may be in the control of the anti-Caesars, which will make quite hard sledding for the Caesars for years to come.  Now that the groundswell is there to quash the NSA’s power, who do you think would benefit from that?


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