3658 – First year in review.

Technically, the first anniversary of my blog is June 26th.  But I have met my more recently decided-upon goal.  Having passed 3650 views, I have averaged ten views per day.  For awhile, mired in the refusal to care that followed certain electoral events, it seemed like I would give up the entire idea of being such a writer.   I fell quite off my goal of one post per day, and, with this, the 138th post, even fell short of the modified goal of half that.

When one is forced to measure something as a success or failure, there is a tendency to do it by the numbers.  But, only if I am doing a paint-by-numbers, would I find that much of a measure.  After all, whether I had ten views per day or ten thousand views,  the quality of my work in my own eyes is a more important criterion.  And, to a great degree, the process of blogging on historic, political and economic themes has become more important to me than the blog itself.

Yes, I could write something about current events every day.  In fact, when I felt the urge, I wrote as many as four posts in a day.  I certainly, given the time, could have chimed in on a lot of hot issues.  But, given that the pundit field is replete (you have to use these big words in punditry) with talking heads, I have ceased to think that I’ll be the next Limbaugh or Beck.   And I certainly don’t have the hair or good looks to play on the TV scene.  That being said, I still want to offer something to the discussion.  And so, I write on.

Thanks to my 27 followers.  I appreciate that you think my opinion is worth your trouble.  In the future, I hope to begin to come of age in my journalism.  For me, this entails getting beyond 2000 words or less and writing works with chapters.  I’ve had the notion to spend more time on things that transcend today’s headlines and are meant to form a basis for lasting education on a subject.  So many have been done, but the process helps me more that my readers.  Eventually, it will make me better at knowing how to educate.  It’s been said that, if you really want to learn something, teach it.  So, I shall try.

Tomorrow is a day off.  June 26th, I dedicate myself to the goals of the second year.  having a better idea of my capacities now,  I set goals of 180 posts and 10,000 views.  The first is entirely within my reach.  The second is entirely up to you, the readers.  If I reach the latter goal, then I will believe I have acheived some success at the former.  Thanks to all who stopped in, and, y’all are invited back to this locality to have a heaping helping of my hospitality.


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  1. I decided to make myself really business-like and have a fiscal year starting in July 1. Since work is about to get really busy, an extra five days to prepare to kick off season two is not a bad thing. That will also make it easier to track my stats–833 1/3 views a month being the goal. It’s a nice easy round number, to be sure. Looks like I’m going to need more dancing bears and circus girls, or is it the other way around.

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