Staying Focused: Education is facts, not feeling

When I started my blog nearly one year ago, I had the goal of educating my readers on all things right wing.  Over time, as I began to be influenced by more and more other blog sights, I found myself being sucked into the abyss of desperation and despair about the tack of our country.  As I look over a few of my more recent posts, I sense my personal feelings being reflected in my writing.  This cannot be.

Am I passionate about certain subjects?  Yes!   I abhor abortion, pornography, the breakdown of the family unit, the losses of American freedoms, the destruction of the constitution.  Even as I do all of those things, though, I sense that I am, like all others, often at odds with my very own beliefs.  In other words, I have weaknesses.  Many times, even when I know what’s right, I do something else.  I know I shouldn’t drink soft drinks, because, in the long run, they will adversely affect my health.  But I am addicted to Cola.  I know I shouldn’t drink tap water because of the chlorine and fluoride.  I know I should filter my shower water, too.  But, it’s time-consuming and expensive to do what’s right all the time, and I am getting older and lazier.

Who wants to think about doing the right thing all the time, especially in a society that has chosen to promote exactly the opposite?  It gets frustrating to be that shrill voice in the background barking out the awful truth, the wet blanket spoiling everyone’s fun.  Nobody wants to be told they are wrong.  Nobody wants to see the long-term consequences of the bread and circuses.  By nature, the more I scream at someone to change, the more likely they are to hold on tightly to their mantel of beliefs and run from my chilling winds of advice.

The fascist/progressive movement always talked about the third way.  There was capitalism, which was regarded a greedy free-for-all of the rich exploiting the poor.  There was communism, which was an attempt to link people of the proletariat class around the world into a fight against the bourgeoisie, an eternal fight against capitalism and the nationalism that supports it.  Then along came progressives with the third way–destroy capitalism, but create a strong nationalist collective spirit.  This spirit flew in the face of the great independent fervor of this nation.  So, first a comprehensive indoctrination program had to be established by which the masses could be slowly brainwashed into giving up their individuality and assimilated into the collective way of thinking.  Ever since the strong capitalist backlash under Calvin Coolidge, the progressive forces continued unabated with their takeover of media and education outlets up to the present time when they are in firm control.

We the believers in individualism and free enterprise, are the new radicals, as the communists and progressives once were.  The progressives had the advantage of being able to walk the middle line saying things that appealed to people from both sides, such as, “proud to be American”, “we’re all in this together”, “the rich need to pay their fair share”, “we need to show our compassion for the less fortunate”.  Rhetoric was used to hide their true agenda until the indoctrination was complete and they held the power.  We will not have that advantage.

The only advantage we have is the truth of history.  Historical truth, though, is no longer available through the education system.  Historical truth will not mean anything to those who are following the “savior” to the promised utopia.  But, later, when the reality of the progressive state becomes evident through experience, historical truth will point the way back.

So, this is our goal now–education.  We must keep our heads and hearts firmly in check, so as not to lose either.  In the grand scheme of things, the world is not much changed from millenia that preceded.  The sun still shines in the morning.  The clouds eventually break so that we can see it.  The grass still grows.  War is still the rule more than the exception.  Injustice rears its ugly head wherever we look, and voices of truth and good still struggle against it.  The world is in a constant state of revolution and counter-revolution.  It is the ages-old story of humankind.  The goal of the truth tellers is not different now than it has been from the beginning.  It is only that we have now become the third way.

None of us should think that the goal is the see our words heeded in our lifetime.  We should not believe that the pendulum will swing in our direction any faster than it swung in the other.  Maybe, fifty or a hundred years from now, our “radical” advice will move a new generation to see differently than their parents and grandparents.  Then we will be the new Locke and Hobbes.   A new group of 60’s radicals (2060’s, perhaps?) will trumpet the novel cause of free market economics.  Perhaps they will follow in the footsteps of the then new Chinese Republic, adhering to the gold standard and open market principles.  Who knows?  Perhaps it will be Iran that comes of age and rises to lead the new charge to freedom.  In any case, we labor not for ourselves, but for our children’s children.

The Bible tells us that the truth will set us free.  But very few who learned the truth of the Gospel were ever free from persecution.  Only in this great experiment of America, some 1800 years later, was there any political expression of spiritual freedom.  As the twilight closes in on the experiment, the truth still remains that we are free in spirit.  Even if they take our guns, our computers, and our physical freedoms, we are still free in our minds.  The only thing that can imprison our spirits is ourselves.  As long as we don’t allow that, then we shall continue to live free and overcome.


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