Monsanto Strikes Again, With US Government Help


GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISM (Photo credit: live w mcs)

A new wave of worldwide fatal health

problems has been traced to GMO’s, in this case, hybrid cotton produced by Monsanto.  In a related twist, recent laws passed in the US prohibit the banning for sale of such GMO’s.   In another related twist, both our recently departed secretary of state and a newly selected supreme court judge have a hand in protecting Monsanto’s interests.

Read about the Rising Alabama Death Toll.

I don’t wish to single out Monsanto.  The truth is, wherever there is money, there is corruption.  We should not expect anything less.  But, and this is a big but, we should not expect anything more.   We have been asleep at the watchtower for over a century.  We continue to hope that corporations and their bought politicians will somehow suddenly go against their own natures and become virtuous.  We continue to believe the lies and rhetoric instead of finding out the truth about their backgrounds and motives.

There have always been those who speak the truth, trying to open our eye to the clear and present danger.   But we chose to ignore them, to put it on the back burner, to deal with it after we watch the game or come back from vacation or get the mortgage paid.   Well, there is no back burner anymore.   The world as we know it is on fire and soon life as we knew it will be a smoldering ruins.

We are being used as guinea pigs in the experiments of the rich and powerful.  What happens to us isn’t relevant, and long as they learn what is necessary to become absolutely rich and powerful.  That is why our elected officials, whether complicit or duped with false information, are used to prevent us from seeking justice against such conduct regardless of life.  Don’t believe that there isn’t monetary incentive for elected officials to act this way.

If you are a logger, you must lose your job at the hint that you might be endangering a spotted owl.  But, if you are a human being, you are only a resource.  If some of you die or go crazy or are deathly ill or suffer from chronic disease, it’s just collateral damage of resources.  You are not important, except as a resource to more revenue for those who matter–the State and the corporations for whom it works.

1984 was three decades slow in arriving.  Credit the tireless work of Christian conservatives for that.  But, we are a dying breed.  “Your house is left unto you, desolate.”  You indoctrinated Christian values out of the youth.  Now, you’re going to have to live with what you created.  Where is the victory in becoming

the rulers of the brain-dead?  You have created a monster that you will never be able to control.  Even if you can control them with all your drugs, how will you prosper from it?   Next step is the rise of the machines, since the people of the future will be nothing more than resources, good for nothing but being living batteries for the machine.


Late breaking story on Monsanto in France


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