Study explains why college women abandon courtship for hook-ups

Put some of my thoughts in the comments of the article. Yes, I am single, so some may say that makes me bitter and looking for excuses, so I blame it on the women. But I am not blind. I can point exactly to 1986

as the year when I noticed a big change in girls. I was teaching high school. The boys complained to me that the girls treated them like objects and didn’t want to have steady relationships (not talking sex here, but emotional bonding). Didn’t take a genius to see that the boys were no longer the aggressors and that the girls were much better at manipulation. Funny thing is, I remember that the boys grew up a lot while I watched, whereas the girls seemed to regress in their maturity level. Material Girl

Girls Just Want to Have Fun


Since I taught at a parochial school, I knew the girls weren’t getting these ideas from our school. So, they must have been getting their clues from pop culture or middle schools. At the time, Madonna and “Material Girl” were hot, and also Cindy Lauper was piping that “girls just want to have fun”. I guess the girls were listening. I

guess those girls grew up to have today’s girls, the subjects of this study.


This study is from the Institute for American Values. It was done by Elizabeth Marquardt.

The PDF of study is here.

If you download the 88 page PDF, the first few pages are an executive summary.

I’d been exposed to this research before when I read Dr. Miriam Grossmann’s book “Unprotected”. (Boundless review here) I just got Dr. Miriam Grossmann’s new book “You’re Teaching My Child What?” and I also got Elizabeth Marquardt’s new book “Between Two Worlds: The Inner Lives of Children of Divorce”. I don’t think either of them is conservative, but I like their research anyway.

There are a couple of things that really struck me about this IAV study on hooking-up.

First, this one from p. 15:

A notable feature of hook ups is that they almost always occur when both participants are drinking or drunk.

A Rutgers University student observed, “You…

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