Science vs. Scientism: Separating Truth from Propaganda

English: Flowchart of the steps in the Scienti...

English: Flowchart of the steps in the Scientific Method (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am the first to admit that I am not a bonafide, degreed, card-carrying Sc.D-type scientist.  However, having studied logic and deductive reasoning, I can hold my own.  On the other hand, a lot of people walking around with Sc.D’s must either have gotten them from the inside of a matchbook cover or have forgotten how to truly follow the scientific method.  Otherwise, they would not be so busy spewing all this horse manure they call “science”.

The are others, though, who really are scientists, and who really will take the time to explain the truth about a lot of stuff that forms today’s political hotbed–stuff like the myth of global warming, the myth of peak oil, the failure of the greenhouse effect models, and the unsustainability of alternative energy and current bio-fuels.  To these people I turn my ears and eyes for knowledge and solid scientific information.

I have run across a wonderful websight, thanks to the Daily Bell, that is quite instructive for the laymen scientist, et al.  Principia Scientific International is the gathering place for scientists around the world who wish to disseminate the truth apolitically.  Best of all, anyone can join for free (although donations are appreciated, as nothing is really free), and even non-members can have relevant scientific articles delivered direct to the email box.  I am going to be relying heavily on this site for future science blogs.  But, of course, the best place to hear it is from the horse’s mouth.  So, everyone should check it out.

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