Two Wrongs and no Right

I have, in my day, attacked the working of the American Imperial machine, the war on drugs, corporate greed and criminalizing of America’s poor enough to make the leftest of wing nuts stand up and applaud.  I have also attacked the Military-industrial machine as bordering on treasonous, although I respect anyone who defends this country.  And I have failed to see much good in any recent Republican sitting in or seeking the White House.  Yet, I am about as far from the left as I could be.  What I seek in my attacks on the Right is an end to hypocrisy.  That is because the Right needs to show itself as a clear alternative to the Left, whose hypocrisy is, without a doubt, seditious and treasonous.

What conservatives weren’t able to realize for decades was that they and their leaders were being compromised by a two-fronted assault to win public opinion.  As David Horowitz points out in his book, Shadow Party, our values were attacked from above and below by those within the beltway as well as by young, impressionable radicals at the street level.The purpose of the street radicals was to create an opportunity for the media to show apparent popular support for leftist ideas.  The purpose of those in government was to skew the data to validate the word on the street.  This approach worked better and better over time, as, eventually, the street radicals infiltrated and became the establishment.

It is worth noting that, although the establishment is now run by radicals, the rhetoric hasn’t changed much.  The new wrinkle is that what was once the establishment has now been declared radical.  To perpetuate the myth that the new establishment is the norm, there can no longer be any tolerance of “fringe” thinking.  The left idealists have done the ultimate bait and switch, not only by disguising themselves in sheep’s clothing, but also by removing the true sheep from the public debate, so that no one will notice that they are really wolves.

Since the advent of free love, in its many anti-establishment guises of abortion rights, women’s rights, gay rights and the assault on marriage, America has been enticed away from the traditional society of it’s founding without even noticing it.  As more and more universities in the 60’s and beyond capitulated to the demands of the rebellious, spoiled children, those same spoiled children have taken over the classrooms from the front desk, thus perpetuating the free love agenda.  Of course, those same spoiled children never really paid attention to millions of lives lost and billions of lives in ruins from the ultimate expressions of this revolutionary ideology world-wide.  Now, they have spawned a whole new generation that knows not America in her former glory, nor can they conceive of it.  And, most of the children of conservatives have been brainwashed into “compassionate conservatism”, which leaves them powerless to take any kind of stand against the hard left except to be less hard-left.  So most people under 40 have no clue what it truly means to be conservative.  They are trying to conserve the old left against the new left, with no one even realizing that there is something to the right of old left.

In a way, this country may have been given a great gift in President Obama.  Obama has given free reign to the new left, to the extent that we are all-in on our march to socialism and martial law.  Perhaps there is no way to cure this country’s obsession with the tyranny of Big Brother government than to let it be fully implemented.  As 2014 rolls around and the full affect of socialized health care becomes evident, we will have almost arrived.  Of course, the danger in this is that government now has the technology and the firepower in place to take away what’s left of our freedoms and make it stick.  Even AK-47s and IED’s give little hope for resistance in the face of national guard and riot troops armed with assault vehicles and billions of rounds of ammunition that can speed by train or superhighway to anywhere needed in a matter of hours.  Unlike the armies of Iraq and Afghanistan, citizen militias have no government backing.

Perhaps it’s time to look past the rhetoric and expose the truth.  There is no party on the Right.  There is only a center left and a far left.  And yet they try to pass themselves off as center and right center.  The few truly right of center are ignored by the less-left party and ridiculed by the far-left party.  We who are truly right have to keep speaking the truth and hoping that, when it comes to pass that we were, indeed, right, that the scales will fall from the eyes of the duped.  This happened once before, after Wilson and his goon squads tried to ram his view of an ordered society down our throats.  As Obama completes the twisted vision of utopia that Wilson envisioned, here’s hoping that America will once again wake up and see where they have gone wrong.   And then go right.


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