Neil Simpson on gay NBA player Jason Collins and his 8-year fiance Carolyn Moos

It’s been a long time that I have been saying that professional sports are ruining this country. Of course, it is not only the high salaries that the players make, which are inordinately out of place with the common man. No, mostly, it is the media circus that has grown up around the players. We continue to build players into social icons, all the while our society makes the average father into a cypher. We do our best to regulate and legislate poor dad into a dinosaur. He is no longer to be admired and revered, even in his own house. Of course the media doesn’t care to address this. They are under strict marching orders from their superiors to pump the people full of bread and circus. And the “bread” is mostly poisonous, making us a world of cancer, disease, and obesity. Make sure to read Neil’s post first, then Wintery Knight’s commentary, for the whole picture.


Read Neil’s post here first.

And here’s my comment to his post:

Neil, the story of this woman investing eight years with this man has been on my mind all week. I am not saying she is innocent. She is a fool. And she is responsible for choosing him. But my point would be this: why is everyone CELEBRATING this man? All he did is steal 8 years of her life and then abandoned her for the gay lifestyle, with all that that entails. Why is this good? I am not minimizing her responsibility. She is 100% responsible because she chose him over better marriage-minded men. But why celebrate this guy? What is there to celebrate? I would rather celebrate Neil Simpson and his marriage and family and Christian children if we are going to have to celebrate anything.

So, I wanted to make a comment about women who…

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