Nuclear Family Fission: Why we are in every crisis.

The myriad of crises that plague our nation and the world stem from the blowing apart of the family units.  It is affecting how we raise our children, crime rates, unemployment rates, and even the elderly.

50 years ago, the family unit was acknowledged to be the glue that held societies together.  Parents raised the children, who then in turn took care of parents when they we old and needed help.  Grandparents helped parents with children when both parents had to work, which, because of much lower taxes, wasn’t nearly as often.  Everyone pitched in and made the family unit work.  Now that the family unit has been dissected and vivisected by social engineering experts, we find ourselves in need of plethora of programs that were never needed before.

1. Day Care.

Part of the great migration to cities, many times cities not very close to the parents, young couples suddenly found themselves without a support system to help with raising children.   Enter day care.  Problem is, day care is expensive, which means parents still struggle to make ends meet, as well as leave their most precious children in the hands of strangers for up to twelve hours per day.  Of course, these day care experts have been trained by our vaunted higher institutions of learning in how to properly socially program large groups of children so that they  can function in the highly stressful day care environment.  Those that can’t manage to conform are, of course, able to be cured with Ritalin of some other mind-numbing drug.  There is also the high risk of communicable diseases that the child doesn’t usually face in the home.  This, coupled with a diet high in carbohydrates assure that the children will at least be spared from losing weight.

2. Fast Food Restaurants.

Used to be, gramps and granny could see to it that a good meal was waiting if mom and dad were too busy.  But they are out of the picture, now, and mommy and daddy are tired.  So, tonight, it’s going to be burgers and fries from the local fast food joint.    Or maybe it’s a quick stop at the store for hamburger helper or some other processed, nutrition-less meal.  (No, just because high nitrogen counts are counted as high-protein doesn’t make it good, any more than “natural flavor” [MSG] and hydrolized protein (GMO‘s).  And corn oil is good in small quantities.  In high quantities is acts as a nutrition blocker.)  Well, at least the whole family can ruin their health together.   Then they can all run off to the doctor when their tummies are upset and the doctor can give them a pill.  Unfortunately, everyone has been doing this for so long that, “suddenly”, the cost of health care is unaffordable.  Guess mom and dad will have to work a little longer and leave the kids at day care a little longer.

3. Child Psychologists.

Not just anyone can prescribe  mood-altering drugs to children.  You need specialists to do that.  Then, of course, when the mood-altering drugs cause a massive rise in depression and suicide rates among children, you have to keep those professionals on full-time in order to “treat” the children.  Maybe that’s why, in the last 20 years, the number of school psychologists has jumped from 400 to 16,000.  By the way, they also give the children secret test without the parents’ consent, in which they ask all kinds of questions about how the children feel about the way their parents treat them.  After all, everyone knows that the schools can’t possible mess up the children.  So, if they are messed up, must be the parents.

4. Hot lunch programs.

Yes, mommy is now too busy to make some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, which happen to be high in protein, and pack an orange (can’t use apples, now that they are  treated with high concentrations of toxins).  So, the school must now serve the little tikes macaroni and cheese with some irradiated bologna.  It must be much better for them, because it’s hot!

5. Sex Ed.

Parents are much too busy to talk to children about sex.  And it’s important that someone does it, because the children should get started having sex as early as possible.  Better let the professionals teach them.  That way, they will know all the positions and won’t feel self-conscious about having sex.

6.  Planned Parenthood.

Oops!  I guess the little tikes don’t listen too well in Sex Ed.  Suddenly the little girls get a bun in the oven.  But that’s OK.  No need to bother mom and dad with that.  We’ll just do a little procedure, and it will be like it never happened.  Works great long after you get out of school, too.

7. Imported skilled labor.

Well, we fixed 40 million mistakes.  Oh, they could have grown up to be skilled workers?  Who would have guessed.  I though they were just tissue?  That’s OK.  Abdul  and his family were eager to move here anyway

8. Multi-tiered .welfare programs for aliens.

Turns out Abdul had a big family, and they weren’t very skilled after all.  So they all needed government assistance.  Also, a lot of people came to visit Abdul and overstayed a bit.  They are having a rough time, so we should take care of them, too.  After all, we are a compassionate nation, aren’t we?

9. Elderly care crises, lack of facilities, substandard care in facilities, no money to pay decent social security benefits or medicare.

You know, these elderly people are just a drain on society.  You certainly can’t expect the overburdened children who are trying to deal with their own children suddenly have to take care of their parents as well, can you?  Sure, it worked like that for thousands of years.  But these are different times.  We can’t be bothered with those archaic ideas of family unity and responsibility.  Besides, how can they help with the children anyway?  There are not professionals.

   300 Million Young People Out of Work?   Now that the professionals have done such a bang-up job of educating our youth, none of them have the skills to find a job.  In America, even the colluj edumacated kids are finding they don’t cut the mustard.


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  1. Shout out to the folks in South Africa who found something in this post. If this gets back to the guy with choice, here is my two cents. Luck is the crossroad of preparation and opportunity. Taking the opportunity without being prepared is not going to turn out to be lucky for you. Be a parent now and continue to prepare. You have not only to prepare for your own future but the future of your children now, especially in their formative years. My advice it to wait for a more appropriate time. You yourself admitted that you have been coasting a little because you didn’t think the opportunity would come so fast. So let this one go, and use it as motivation to be prepared for the next one. In the meantime, see your kids as your greatest future asset. After all, you are probably not going to live forever and they will determine the success of failure of your family in future generations.

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