God Did Not Freely Forgive

The song at the fitness center blared the question over and over.  “Do you love me, even with my dark side?”  It was a call from the young female for her love to be forgiving of her evil side.  Reminded me of a song some decades ago that said, “While we were apart, I was human too.”  In other words, “You cheated; but I can forgive you, because I cheated too.”  We are all asked to overlook the evil in others.  After all, don’t they put up with our dark side?

Because of human pride, we humans want to believe that we also have a good side, and that the good side almost always is gooder than the bad side is bad.  We then think that, somehow, God accepts us for our good and overlooks our dark side.  But God is not human.  By God’s standards, even what we think is good about ourselves is dark.  God is light; he cannot stand darkness.  He could never accept our dark side, which means that he could never accept us in our entirety.  God does not freely forgive.

Fortunately, God will accept someone in our place who has no dark side.  And he will accept a standin on which to lavish the punishment that he meant for our dark sides.  This is Jesus. The only way he could accept us is if we didn’t have any dark side.  That is why Jesus stands between us and the Father, so that only the brightness of Jesus can be seen.  When it was time to pass sentence on our darkness, Jesus stepped in and bore the sentence for us.  God now accepts us because we appear holy in his sight through Jesus.

People often ask, “If God forgave everyone for Jesus’ sake, why will people still go to Hell?”  God forgives anyone who cloths himself with the righteousness of Jesus.  Those who refuse to believe in Jesus have refused to put on his righteousness.  Therefore, God can still see their dark side.  Yes, the punishment for sin was removed completely, but God can never accept anyone who is still clinging to the dark side.  Those people have to go some place dark which is better suited for them.

God did not freely forgive us.  He charged all of our debt to Jesus.  Jesus paid the price of going to Hell on the cross.  He went to the dark side in our place.  God will not see your dark side if you hide behind Jesus.   God promises that all who wish to be like Jesus and live in light will have their dark sides removed forever when they are reborn for eternity.  In the meantime, he puts the Holy Spirit in our hearts, so that we have a truly good side for him to see.  Don’t waste such an expensive gift by thinking you don’t need it.  Don’t ever think that eternity on the dark side is not so bad.  The Light shines in this dark world.  It will not shine in the next one.

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