“Progressive” is a bad characteristic of a disease.

There are many things in this world that we like to call “progress.”  When I was a kid, we all liked technological progress.  That’s because the old vinyl records and the fussy diamond needles too easily led to scratches.  So, along came the cassette tap, which instantly allowed one to back up those precious records and take them on the road.  Unfortunately, fidelity often took a back seat to terrible frequency response and low S/N ratios (high hiss).  When we were teenagers listening to crappy rock and roll and enjoying windows-down cruising, the noise didn’t matter much.  But then we grew up, learned that there was life after Rock, and once again were not content with the “progress” of the cassette tape. Then, along came the CD.  Brilliant fidelity!  But, by then, we expected our music to travel and be indestructible.  Turns out the CD was neither of these.  So we set about creating the skip-proof portable CD player, only to have it be almost immediately consigned to obsolescence by flash memory and mp3.

Well, yes, we have progressed with technology.  But the question remains: has life really progressed?  The car stereo by which I could enjoy some music in my car has “progressed” to the 3000-watt subsonic noise deathtrap that frightens small children and animals within a 250-ft radius, creates confusion and dangerous situations for nearby drivers, and, most devastatingly, turns the brains of the vehicle’s occupants into gray jelly.  Try to talk to one of them, and you quickly realize why armies drop percussion bombs.

The world of digital everything has also allowed the explosion of really bad noise, somehow classified as music.  Anyone with half a brain and a computer can now make a “music” album.  And, unfortunately for most of us, it is just these half-brained people who do so.  One might wonder who would want to listen to this stuff.  The answer, of course, is all the aforementioned people who have already turned half their brains to jelly.

Of course, the subject today is not really music, although the music industry is useful to the subtle plot.  Rather, it’s about a label that has been used to trick the American people into believing that a sow’s ear is really a silk purse.  It is the political agenda that dares to call itself Progressive.

A healthy, functioning body has no need for any new cells that don’t conform with the normal cells or their function.  These cells are call cancer cells.  Although, by some accounts, they do have a function in repairing damaged structures, the body intends to eliminate them after the repairs have been made.  So, at best, they are only useful for a short time.  Then they become the body’s worst nightmare.

The Progressive agenda is a cancer.  It has been insidiously eating away at the body-politic of America for almost 120 years.  Given that this represents half of the life of America, it’s safe to say that, even though it has grown so slowly as to be barely detectable until now, by even the rate of the slowest growing cancer, it has now metastasized into all parts of the body-politic and is terminal.

I’m here to tell you that people can beat most cancers.  And there is only one way to do it.  You must immediately and entirely stop feeding the cancer.  That means that every cell of the American body must immediately stop engaging in progressive activities.  If this is done, the body might just be able to repair itself enough to survive.  Perhaps, then, with 25 years of no further Progressive Cancer, a new generation could rise that would resemble the old, healthy, pre-Progressive body.

I have trouble believing this will actually happen, because I know human nature.  I can’t even get myself to stay on my diet that I know will make me a healthier man.  And I am a believer.  In the meantime, as our last election showed, 60% of Americans aren’t even aware that they are dying from Progressive cancer.  Even if they do realize it, they continue to try to find the cure in the cancer itself!

My friends, don’t be a cancer.  It’s easy to be one, because cancer feeds on sugar.  Cancer promises the sweet life.  But, remember that cancer needs a host, and that cancer will feed on the host until it dies, not understanding that this will also kill the cancer.   Cancer crowds out all the good in the body and steals all of the resources until there is nothing left on which to live.  What the Progressive agenda is doing to this country would make any alleged acts of Baine Capital to bleed a company to death seem like Mercury in comparison to the Sun. We are terminal, end stage, right now.  We have only one clear option.  Regress to health or die.  Don’t let slick labels fool you.  Progressive is death. Returning to the Constitution is our only hope.



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3 responses to ““Progressive” is a bad characteristic of a disease.

  1. I agree, the Progressive agenda is a cancer!! If only America would wake up! Great post!

  2. Thanks for letting me camp out in your blog for a little while today. I had a great time and tried to leave my campsite as good as when I arrived. I’ll be back in a couple of weeks!

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