How Obamacare will actually lower the deficit

Health Insurance Does Not Insure Health

Health Insurance Does Not Insure Health (Photo credit: SavaTheAggie)

It never occurred to me before, but now it makes perfect sense.  The Affordable Care Act is the perfect way to start balancing the budget.  I wonder if this was the intention the whole time.


Tax (Photo credit: 401(K) 2012)

First of all, people like me, who can’t afford health insurance and who don’t have employers, will be forced to pay an extra $3000 in taxes.  Since there are probably millions like me, that will raise billions in revenue.

Secondly, most businesses will discover that they can no longer afford to pay for the newly-inflated cost of health insurance for their employees.  So most of them will just pay the fines, taxes, instead.  This will raise billions more in revenue.

Thirdly, most of those who used to have health insurance through their employers will now have to buy it from the government.  Since they won’t qualify as low-income, many will also, like me, be forced to pay the $3000 tax instead of getting insurance.

The final outcome, then, is that tens or hundreds of millions of people will not be using Obamacare.  This will save billions in the government’s spending for health care.  Between the added tax revenues and the lower spending, Obamacare should actually be a win for the budget.  Of course ,many hospitals will have to close, because the only patients left will be the government-covered ones, and the beaurocratic red tape and low-balling of insurance payouts will drive them to bankrupcy.  We’ll be left with government-run hospitals that serve people on welfare.

So, if you still want to see a doctor, make sure to get on welfare.

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