Obama bama bama bama bama chameleon

There have been many attempts to figure out just who is Barack Obama and what is his motivation. I myself have been in a quandary to define the man in such a way that I could say just which side he is taking. I have finally come to the conclusion that he is the proverbial mystery wrapped in an enigma. He is the everyman of politics. Let’s discuss.

  1. Conservative. Conservatives like wars, especially wars in which there is a big, bad evil ideological force that is threatening the very existence of our way of life. These evils must be rooted out and destroyed, no matter the place, no matter the cost. Obama ran as a liberal. He was going to bring hope and change, which included change from the Bush plan to wage conservative war. However, he has not only continued the War in Afghanistan, he even ramped it up a little. He also got involved in Libya and is now threatening to get involved in Syria.

I suppose you could take the view that Obama only got involved in Libya to remove Khadafi for the sake of his Muslim Brotherhood brothers. Then you’d still have to decide which of two ideologies fit Obama. Is he a terrorist sympathizer, or does he really believe that the Brotherhood is less radical than Khadafi. Then you’d have to know some history about Khadafi. Is it true that he saved Libya from jihadist warring tribal factions and made it into a prosperous modern state? Or was that just propaganda to keep us from discovering his real agenda? Don’t forget that he got uppity once back in the Reagan days. Reagan showed him who’s boss. Now Obama has done the same. See! Obama is a conservative!

  1. Liberal. Liberals are very liberal with spending tax-payer money on all kinds of programs that will show the people how much liberals love them. Obama certainly did this, to the tune of four trillion dollars. Money was flying everywhere, for all sorts of things from food stamps to three-year paid vacations from work. (I know, they weren’t voluntary vacations—at least not in the beginning.) He also spread the liberal love to people from other countries, even those who happen to be living here at the moment.Obama didn’t spread the love to just anyone, though. He didn’t give any to domestic energy providers. (He did invest a lot of money in wind and solar. Of course, half of that went to foreign companies. I hope that, in 50 years, when some of the technology may finally be of some use—unlike corn ethanol, which will always be money down the drain—someone will remember to thank Obama. More than likely, wind and solar will be obsolete before then.) He shut down oil drilling, coal mining, nuclear plants—anything that would actually have helped stimulate our economy. But that’s because he needed to keep the crisis alive. It’s what all leaders do who are . . .
  2. Fascist. Crises work well for fascists. In times of crisis, people turn to their government for solutions. The more crises, the more the government can and must step in to order the chaotic lives a the masses. For this, the masses can return their worship and praise to their god, er, government. Fascists also seek to centralize all power for every aspect of life in the hands of one person. This is why Obama has made sure to sign executive orders that give him eminent domain over every man, woman and child’s possessions and even their labor, and most recently has given himself control of the internet. He signed one on New Years Eve while we were out celebrating, and signed the other while we were shooting off fireworks celebrating our freedom and independence. (Hooray, now we are “free” to serve Obama!)One oddity about Obama, though, is that he doesn’t do what most fascist leaders to in regard to creating a strong nationalist fervor. Hitler, Mussolini, Woodrow Wilson and FDR all did a much better job with this. Obama, on the other hand, seems to be going around the world apologizing for us ugly Americans. That would seem like Wilson, in a sense, if he were about to launch some maniacal attempt to turn us into a tempered (or temperate) nation. But Obama hasn’t done such a thing. Oh, wait. Maybe he needs another four years to unleash his master plan. I’ve heard rumblings that he might make us all give up snacks and eat tofu or be denied health care. So, maybe it’s still in the offing. Then, when rich and poor alike are all engaged in creating the new master race, we can all feel, as any good fascist state should, that we are all in this together, like we were supposed to feel when we all (meaning all except our leaders) “made sacrifices”. In the mean time, Obama sometimes comes off as more of a . . .
  3. Socialist. He does seem to get a lot of flack for being one of these. Maybe it’s because he always engages in class warfare. Socialists are all about this. It’s usually the working class against the proletariat, whoever they are. Oh, yeah, it’s the rich people. Because everyone knows that only rich people own businesses, and all “working Americans” are overworked and underpaid employees of said owners.Let us not forget, by the way, that not only are the poor oppressed, but also there are the minorities. That includes everyone who is not a white, straight male. So, all the multimillionaire black people cannot be counted as the proletariat, because only white people are that. You can’t count white women either, unless they are married to a Rich-white-man or claim to belong to the Rich-white-man’s Party. And you can’t count rich white liberal men, because they are the “friends of the worker”. When you add it all up, white men are suddenly a minority. (100 years ago, when Poles, Irish, Italians, Jews, Germans, Scots, Greeks and the like were all minorities, there was no such thing as a “white man” unless you were an “indian” or a “negro”.  If you had tried to tell an Irishman and a Scot they were the same, they both would have beat you senseless before turning on each other.  Then they would have licked their wounds at their respective pubs.)  So why are they still the proletariat? Shouldn’t they get some sugar?The very idea of the giving rich white men some props for building this country could be put to rest once and for all if we could just get rid of those annoying intellectuals who are trying to foment dissent and brainwash ditto heads. Otherwise the people might begin to doubt the truth about the one percent. So we have to get rid of Rush, Beck, O’Reilly, Coulter, Fox, MSNBC, er wait. Not the last one. They are not intellectuals. No, I mean, they are not biased. Yes, listen to me very carefully, now. Watch my eyes. MSNBC is not biased. They are not trying to program you with hypnotic suggestion. You are believing everything I say. You are getting very sleepy… I suppose we could do like Mao and send all the intellectuals to raise pigs and farm. Then we could get all the lowlifes, er, peasants, to run the government. Oh,wait, we already are doing that, aren’t we? Seems to me most farmers are more articulate then the average D.C. bloviator.

The dilemma for Romney & Ryan is to try to box Obama into a corner. There is no corner for them in which Obama is not already encamped. There is no program that they can put forward that doesn’t ring of something Obama “plans to implement”. So, how are they going to be able to attack?

“Obama, your a rich, privileged man.”

“I know you are, but what am I?”

“We are going to liberate people from the burdens of the health care system.”

“I know you are, but what am I?”

“We are going to lower taxes.”

“I know you are, but what am I?”

“You are too involved in foreign wars.”

“I know you are, but what am I?”

“You are hiding the truth about yourself.”

“I know you are, but what am I?”

“Your numbers don’t add up.”

“I know you are, but what am I?”

It’s not that there isn’t a difference in the two sides. It’s that there isn’t enough of a difference to create easy, definitive sound bites that the average person can swallow. There are going to have to be hard choices in the immediate future. The policies of the last four years have certainly not gotten us to where we need to be. There had to be a change. Those changes were promised four years ago. Many were tried, with little positive results. Many more were abandoned or used as smoke screens for other agendas. What we need now is truth and a clear vision. If R & R want to take the lead in this country, it’s time to be clear and tough, not time for chameleons.



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4 responses to “Obama bama bama bama bama chameleon

  1. Head for the Roundhouse, Barak; they can’t corner you there!

    Turning off the sound and just watching the action, it seems difficult to distinguish Obama from Bush…

    Both had their wars, pushed the bailouts and advanced healthcare spending. Both increased government control of people and the economy.

    Both have lied and people died,,,

    Yeah, Obama’s scale is larger, but then, he followed.
    I guess Obama reads his lines better than Bush did but to me, he’s just Bush on steroids!

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