Sum Daes Im So Anger I Cold Spot!

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English: The logo of the blogging software WordPress. Deutsch: WordPress Logo 中文: WordPress Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some day, I will figure out just what is the logic behind WordPress.  I like it and I hate it.  I like the fact that it comes with a lot of helps to set up links, suggest related articles, and the like.  What I hate is trying to actually edit something I’ve already posted.  Yesterday’s post was a case in point.  I spent a good half hour editing all kinds of little grammatical boo-boos and then marking up the text with links.  At the point that I tried to save my corrections, it decided to revert to the last saved copy.  I’m not sure why it does this.  However, I was not in a patient mood today, so I shut off the computer and walked away in disgust.

I love to write.  Since I used to be an English teacher, I am very fussy about how I write things.  But, first, I like to get a draft on paper while my thoughts are flowing.  Afterwards, I like to go back over the text several times and improve it.  In doing this, I’m not unlike Abe Lincoln and other rather well-respected writers.  But honest Abe never had to deal with computer glitches.  He didn’t make corrections, only to have them unmade.  He was able to scribble notes and revisions in the margins and then clean it all up later.  Of course, the abilities of the modern word processor should make corrections much easier and faster.  But, having something in print is always safer from corruption than the magnetic coding of a computer file.

It occurs to me that almost all of my posts

take about an hour or two to draft, and another one to four hours to correct.  Half of correction time is having to redo what the WordPress editor messed up for me.  When I originally set out to write a blog, I was planning to post every day.  But, with the frustrating work of trying to debug every post, this becomes an all-day process.  There is also the problem of trying to avoid being a parrot.  Sure, I would like to talk about a lot of things.  But, with millions of other bloggers out there, it becomes very difficult to have an original take on anything.  I sometimes don’t see the point of talking about every current event.  Most of them have been done to death.  To me, if I can’t show a current event as a pattern of history by which we can better understand it, then it is pointless to add my two cents to the pile.  In our era of information overload, I often feel I’m just wasting more of a person’s busy day by forcing more verbiage on him.

I really wanted to be able to talk more about China, and I wanted to write more posts in Chinese.  But, since my blog is banned in China, the mainland will get nothing out of what I write.  I could write for the Taiwan and chuguoren market, I suppose.  But I am not very good in fanti.  I can always write in jianti and convert to fanti, but then it’s hard to read what I wrote for the purpose of editing.  Besides that, there are subtle differences between mainland Chinese and Taiwanese.  I getting better at Taiwanese, but still am not very comfortable.  Then, there is the situation that a lot of chuguoren still speak Cantonese.Taiwanese Drinks

I don’t know whether or not I typed all of the words correctly in this post.  I don’t really want to check.  I don’t really have any links of which to speak, so I’m not going to proofread.  I didn’t really say much of consequence this time, though.  I guess it’s just my little disclaimer.  Please pardon the writing mistakes when they occur.  Please understand that I am usually aware of them.  I just don’t always have the patience to fight WordPress until I overcome.

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