The Long, Hot Summer: It is Global Warming?

It is interesting that Global Warming fanatics are starting to use the term “Global Climate Disruption” instead.  Why is this?  Because the jig is up.  Global warming was and is selling rather well.  But there is a wrinkle.  New data suggests that the world is actually heading toward a mini Ice Age.  Fortunately, we have this summer to help accelerate plans of the New World Order to pass worthless environmental laws and taxes that will allow them to complete their goals of decentralized, one world governance, most likely under the United Nations banner.

Am I a kook?  Well, it’s not common knowledge that a good portion of our US national parks are already designated UN World Heritage sites, so that we don’t even own our own parks.  It has also been recently seen that the UN is engaging in a lot of shady deals around the world, such as the oil for food scandal in Iraq.  It’s too bad that the American people have such a short attention span.  Major scandals arise every day, but are quickly and neatly pushed into the background by breaking news of Brangelina or some other piece of worthless junk.

I’m not here to tell you the story today.  I’m just going to post a YouTube link.  It tells the story quite well (although I discount the part about the earth’s age), and still manages to be hilarious.  Not that we should try to whitewash what the sick depraved minds that run this world are really doing.  But humor makes it entertaining enough to keep even the most ADD of American minds engaged.

Here it is.  Thanks to the people who made it, and thank you, citizen, for watching:  The Global Warming Hoax

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