Book Review: Books I am Reading

I am currently reading here and there in William Safire’s Lend Me Your Ears.  This books is a great compendium of speeches from all genres and fields.  It’s not really original material, though, although the introduction is a good read.  It’s really about looking at some great speeches and learning from them.  It’s more of a resource book than a book you just read straight through and expect a continuous train of thought.

One thing that stands out from the introduction is the paradigm of a good speech:  Tell them what you are going to tell them,  then tell them, then tell them what you told them.  In that spirit, I give to you my reading list.  These, for the most part, are the books I have read, am reading, and hope to read from 2010 through 2012.  It’s not a complete list of everything I have read.  But it represents the books that I plan to review in the next year.  So, I’m telling you what I going to be reviewing.  Then, over the course of the next year, I’ll review them.  Then, in other posts that I write, you’ll be hearing a lot of summarizing and conclusions based on these reviews.

It’s easy to have an opinion about anything.  But it’s not always so easy to have an educated opinion about something.  Some things don’t really need a highfalutin education.  They just need a common sense education that one get’s from observing and experiencing life.  For instance, one doesn’t need to read a lot of books to understand that if you spend more money than you earn, eventually you’re going to get into a lot of trouble.  That’s common sense.   But if one is going to talk about the workings of the Stock Exchange, or debate the relative merits of Marxist and Keynesian economic theory, this requires a little more specific knowledge than experience alone is going to offer to most people.

Although I divided my reading into categories, such things are quite arbitrary.  Most political discourses include historical context, and most histories include political context.  I tried to list books based upon what I felt was the most prominent feature of the book.  But there is always overlap.  For the purposes of my progress on a book, R=finished reading, IP= in the process of reading, and NR=haven’t started reading.  The ratings are number of stars, but those are just preliminary.  I think any book that covers its subject well should have 5 stars.  Some feel that readability and style should affect the outcome.  So, before I give them a final rating, I’ll have to review them a little and try to be more critical.

Author(s) Title Copyright/Publisher Pages Status Rate
US History/Presidential History
McCartney, Laton The Teapot Dome Scandal 2008 Random House Trade Paperbacks 319pb R 5
Collier, Peter with David Horowitz The Roosevelts 1994 Simon and Schuster (Touchstone) NY 482pb NR
McCullough, David Truman 1992 Simon and Schuster (Touchstone) NY 992 NR
McCullough, David John Adams (Pulitzer Prize) 2001 Simon and Schuster (Touchstone) NY 651pb IP
Reagan, Ronald W. An American Life 1990 Simon and Schuster, NY 726 NR
Chernow, Ron Alexander Hamilton 2004 Penguin Press, NY 731 NR
Bennett, William J. America The Last Best Hope 2006 Thomas Nelson Inc. (Nelson Current) 525 R 5R
Albright, Joseph and Marcia Kunstel Bombshell 1997 Random House (Time Books) 289 NR
Reeves, Thomas C. The Life and Times of Joe McCarthy 1982 Stein and Day 675pb IP
Payne, Charles M. I’ve Got The Light of Freedom 1995 by The Regents of the University of California, U of C Press, Los Angeles 441pb IP
Bain, David Haward Empire Express 1999 Penquin Putnam (Viking Penquin) 711 NR
Collier, Peter and David Horowitz Destructive Generation 1989,1990 Simon and Schuster (Summit) NY 364pb R 5
Brokaw, Tom The Greatest Generation 1998 Random House, NY 390 R 3
Tidwell, William A. Come Retribution 1998 University Press of Mississippi, Jackson 489 NR
Non-US History, Political
Wu, Harry Bitter Winds 1994 John Wiley & Sons, NY 286pb R 5
Jenkins, Peter Across China 1986 William Morrow/Sweet Springs Press, NY 343 R 5
Chang, Jung Wild Swans 1991 Globalflair, Ltd., Anchor NY 508pb R 5
Tyson Li, Laura Madame Chiang Kai-Shek 2006 Grove/Atlantic (Atlantic Monthly Press), NY 482 R 5
Weintraub, Stanley Disraeli, A Biography 1993 Penguin Group (TT Dutton) NY 665 IP
Lyons, Jonathan The House of Wisdom 2009 Bloomsbury Press 201 NR
Becker, Jasper The Chinese 2000 , Oxford University Press Ed. 377pb R 5R
Brawley, Mark R. Turning Points 1998 Broadview Press, Ltd. NY 384pb IP
Rees-Mogg, Lord William and James Dale Dvidson The Sovereign Individual 1997 Simon and Schuster (Touchstone) 400pb IP
Feifer, George Breaking Open Japan 2006 Harper Collins, NY 334 R 5
Mallaby, Sebastian More Money Than God 2010 Penguin, NY 391 IP
Goldratt, Eliyahu and Jeff Cox The Goal (2nd Revise Ed.) 1992 North River Press, Great Barrington, MA 337pb R
Nesvetailova, Anastasia and Ronen Palan Financial Alchemy In Crisis

The Great Liquidity Illusion

2010 Pluto Press, NY 176 IP
Kaiser, Robert G. So Damn Much Money 2009 Random House (Alfred A. Knopf 360 NR
Gibbon, Edward The Decline and Fall of the Roman Emprie, Abridged 2003 Random House (Modern Library Paperback Edition, Complete 6 Volumes in one 1252 NR
Perkins, John Confessions of an Economic Hitman 2004 Berrett-Koehler, San Fransisco 225 IP
Skousen, Mark The Big Three in Economics 2007 M.E.Sharpe, Inc, Armonk, NY 217 NR
Rothbard, Murray N. The Origins of the Federal Reserve 2009 by Ludwig Mises Institute, Auburn, AL 103 NR
Political Commentary
Timmerman, Kennth R. Shakedown 2002 Regnery, Washington DC 422 R 5
Newton, Jim Justice For All 2006 Penguin Group (Riverhead Books) NY 519pb NR
Fireside, Harvey Separate and Unequal 2004 Avalon (Carroll and Graf) NY 344pb IP
Kimball, Roger The Long March 2000 Encounter Books, San Fransisco 284 IP
Hardy, David T. & Jason Clarke Michael Moore is a Big Fat Stupid White Man 2004, Harper Collins, NY 207 IP
Goldberg, Bernard Bias 2002 by Medium Cool, Inc. Regnery, Washington, DC 214 R 5
Frum, David and Richard Perle An End To Evil 2003, Random House NY 279 NR
Goldberg, Jonah Liberal Fascism 2007 Random House (Doubleday) NY 405 R 5
de Tocqueville, Alexis Democracy in America, Vol 1 Schocken Books, NY 1961 Edition 522 IP
Muravichik, Joshua Heaven On Earth 2002 Encounter Books 344pb IP
Bloom, Alan The Closing of the American Mind* 1987 Simon and Schuster 382 R 5
Limbaugh, Rush See, I Told You So 1993 Simon and Schuster (Pocket) 353 R 5
Wilson, Douglas L. Lincoln’s Sword 2006 Random House (Vintage 2007) 284pb NR
Kocieniewski, David The Brass Wall 2003 Henry Holt and Company, NY 288 R 5
Woodward, Bob Shadow 1999 Simon and Schuster, NY 517 R 4
Rothbard, Murray N. The Betrayal of the American Right 2007 by Ludwig Mises Institute, Auburn, AL 206 IP

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  1. My copy of Salman Rushdie’s “The Satanic Verses” arrived. Forgot I had ordered it. Going on the list. Reading “Confessions of an Economic Hitman”, the story of American Economic subjugation of lower developed countries. Interesting that educated Muslims in Java understood in the 70’s that that meant them. How to juxtapose the part of me that views Islam as a threat with the part of me that feels America is the threat. Maybe, the answer is like a friend once told me. Maybe, it’s true that only .7% of Christians are Christian. And maybe that goes for the followers of Islam (Peace) as well. Maybe here we have the story of Gog and Magog.

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