A Word about Statistics

I’ve been totally fascinated by the charts and graphs on my WordPress Dashboard.  I’ve been trying to figure out the positive and negative trends on my blog.  There are so many ways to look at things that I could make the statistics mean just about anything.

Tuesday, I had 28 views.  That really threw off the nice curve I had going, and made me think I’ve really come up in the world.  But a closer analysis revealed that I only had 4 visitors that day.  The first one decided to view 14 posts.  Most days I have been averaging 6 or 7 viewers, and about the same number of total views.  So I’m not sure if Tuesday was an up day or a down day.

My second week of blogging was not so good.  I don’t know if that’s because I missed posting a blog while on vacation for three days or because the vacation itself distracted people with real-life activities.  Needless to say, I was disappointed at only averaging 3.4 views per day.  It also raised a question as to whether the first week’s views were a fluke because all my friends ran to see what I was up to.  Week three showed a 30% increase, so I was feeling a little less uncertain about making headway.  Then along came this week, with it’s anomalous Tuesday, and got me to wondering if there is real momentum or only safety in the sheer number of posts.

Looking at June vs. July, average daily views is up slightly from 6.2 to 6.6.  Of course, only five days fell into June, and the rest in July, and there was the first dismal week to drag down the July average.  The other thing to consider, as I already alluded, is that the number of posts has double.  So if you look at the June ratio of 6.2 views/15 average available posts, and then compare it to July,  6.6 views/ 25 average posts, the posting to viewing ratio actually rose from 2.4:1 to 3.5:1.  In other words, it took 3.5 posts to generate one view in July, but only 2.4 posts in June.  If that were the statistic that matters, then I’d have to have about a 14:1 ratio of post to views by the end of a year.  That means, if I want 1000 views per day, I’m going to need 14,000 posts!

I think the last conclusion is probably a little far-fetched.  I think quality will probably be more important than quantity in the long run of attracting viewers.  My point is that statistics are pretty much the playground for my over-analytical, ADD mind.  It’s actually a little dangerous for me to have access to such things.  I, after all, am one of those people that actually watches the download status bar and constantly calculates when it will be at 30%, 50%, etc, etc, etc.  I suppose I should just spend my time writing, forget about statistics, and just let everything take its course.  But the pretty blue lines are just so exciting!


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  1. 280 posts to date. At 14:1, I should be getting 20 views per day. Not there yet. So I’m beginning to think that 14,000 posts would be lucky to get me 500 views a day. Well, that’s not enough to get elected president by fiat. I’ll need about 75,000,000 followers to be a lock. I’d need at least 180 million to be able to really have a mandate to clean up this country. That’s going to mean about three or four billion posts, given how the statistics are trending.

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