Two weeks of blogging: What I have learned

I wouldn’t say I’m actually so new to the blogging world.  Yet, in the past, I haven’t felt the need to be concerned about identifying a readership and meeting the needs of my readers.  As I begin my third week, I have noticed that readership is trending downward.  While I’m no expert on why this is, I will offer the insights that I have regarding my own post.

1. I don’t have enough enumeration.

As I look around at other blogs, it occurs to me that listing is quite normal and, probably, desirable over my usual through-thought narrative style.  Of course, I am not usually talking about recipes or the top five ways to add zest to my spring beverages.  But it does occur to me that listing might be a way to force me to be concise and to the point.

2. I’m too verbose.

The subjects that I cover are intensely complicated.  I have a tendency to want to kill them dead with one blow.  This cannot be done, however, and I probably open the door to more questions than I answer.  Instead of taking one aspect of a larger discussion and coming to a reasonable conclusion about it, I may be touching on many things too briefly to be of any use.  In the meantime, I can’t tell when to quit.

3. I am Glenn Beck II.

Glenn Beck Program

Glenn Beck Program (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many people like Glenn Beck, many people hate him.  Say what you will about him, he has a style of humor.  When I read a lot of the things I write, I can hear Glenn Beck saying them.  There’s nothing wrong with that, but there already is a Glenn Beck.  No need for another one.  Beside style, we also share pretty much the same overall opinion of politics.  What I need to do is to discuss a narrower range of things in more detail and let Glenn continue to paint the larger brush strokes.

4. I am not Glenn Beck.

Or Rush Limbaugh, or Bill O’Reilly, or (insert media giant here).  I don’t have the staff, assistants, researchers, promoters, proof-readers, or ditto heads to help me.  I am an army of one, mostly because I can’t afford an army of more.  I know how the game works.  You get sponsors so you can afford a staff.  You get a promoter so you can attract sponsors.  You give up getting 100% of the revenue, because you know it’s better to make 10% of $10,000,000 than 100% of nothing.  This is the American way.  It’s a good way.  As long as you are not a start-up.  Due to the cost of government regulations, there is no way to be a start-up with a posse.  You have to go it alone until you can jump the great divide into stardom.

5. I need more media.

A picture is worth 1000 words, they say. That depends on the picture.  A picture certainly takes up 100 times more bandwidth than an article.  So the picture has to be worth it.  But the internet is all about visual, now.  Unlike the days of the 1200 baud phone modem, cable can stream high-quality pictures and movies.  Since that’s what can be delivered, that’s what people expect.

6. I need to link and tag more.

Google is where it’s at.  With millions of people in the vast internet sea hawking themselves, it’s impossible to find anyone without search help.  I know my audience.  But they don’t know me.  The important thing for me to keep in mind, though, is that every tag appeals to a different interest.  If I’m going to use a tag, I’d better be sure there is something to keep the interest of the reader who finally arrives.

7. I need a daily focus.

I’ve tried to define categories, and I think I have way too many of them.  I also have too many articles that defy categories. There are only 7 days in a week. Originally I was going to blog on five of them.  But I have 12 categories!  I think some of them will need to be combined under a different focus.  Then each category needs to be covered once a week, preferably on the same day.  It’s like Rush’s open line Friday.  It’s predictable.  Everyone claims to like spontaneity.   But all indications are that predictability is a broader appeal.  As I look through the categories, I see that I have been a little too shotgun in my approach.  After a little thought, I’ve come up with my new blog schedule.

  • Sunday: This is the Lord’s Day.  If I blog, it will be something from the Bible.
  • Monday: Supreme Court Decisions, Congressional Bills.  Examining the court’s interface with the Constitution.  Past, passed and pending legislation.
  • Tuesday: Economics and Book Reviews.   What makes a Keynesian, etc.  Books I recommend.
  • Wednesday: The Law in action.  Current politics and workings of the legal system.   Federal and State.
  • Thursday: Family, Health, and Environmental Issues.
  • Friday: Foreign political and humanitarian issues.
  • Saturday:  Open mind Saturday!   I get to ramble, or I answer your comments.

I hope you enjoy today’s blog.  I really said a lot without hardly saying anything.  It’s the way things are done.  I hope in the future to also speak more succinctly, but to also be chock full of meaning.  I’ve laid out a pretty ambitious program, but at least I now have a plan.  A wise person once said that a failure to plan is a plan to fail.  I don’t plan to fail.  Thanks for coming and be sure to check back and see how I’m doing.

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