Obama is ruining my home page.

Wrap Text around ImageOK, I can’t take it anymore.  Having that picture of Obama staring at me is like living in China under the Cultural Revolution and having to walk by the pictures of Mao on every wall.  Constant reminder of oppression.

I don’t think it’s quite time to equate America with China … yet.  But there are many reasons that the people of China may be more optimistic than the people of America.  It’s all about directions and perspective.

America was the great world experiment.  Could any nation really be successful by allowing the people to govern themselves, without a ruling class?  A study of American history suggests that it may have been possible.  For a long time the prospects were bright that all the kinks could be worked out and that the American people would rise to occasion.  But it appears that we have once again capitulated to a ruling class.  We don’t call them dukes and princes and kings, or emperors.   We call them lawyers, politicians, judges and presidents.  But, in a very real way, they have become the ruling class, and the rest of us are quickly reverting back to peasants.

In the Renaissance, the shift from feudal society to a more national society was largely spearheaded by bankers and merchants who established towns and helped spur trade and commerce.  Along with their impetus, the creation of an affordable printing press allowed for the flow of ideas and a blossoming of education among the commoners.  These would culminate in the restructuring of almost every western society to allow at least a sharing of power between the commoners and the elites.  In the USA, it reached a zenith in the casting off of royalty entirely.  This made America the “beacon on the hill” to which the people of the world, tired of the meddling of the royals, flocked.

Though the missionary zeal of Sun Yat-Sen stirred the intellectuals of china to establish a foothold of self-determinism, the encroachment of Japanese oppression, along with the co-opting of power by military leaders never really allowed the commoners a good taste of freedom.  Under Mao, the intellectuals were purged of their thoughts of individual freedom to the extent that, even today, they don’t think of any government outside of the communist state.  But there are signs that China is beginning to allow entrepreneurs and innovators the freedom to market their ideas and bring prosperity and freedom to the masses.  The Chinese people rejoice in how far they have come since Mao.  But their new illusions of freedom are not yet turning into reality.  Yet they have hope for a better future.

In China, under Mao, the government was really able to police the thoughts of the people.  Everyone, either willingly or through torture and forced labor, made the cult of Mao a reality.  For them, then, there would be no adjustment in mindset to stare at the “Obama Cares” picture and pledge allegiance to the despot.  But this is not China–yet.  The intellectuals of this country are free to speak about lessening of government control–still.  The people are free to join Tea Party rallies and the like and fight for the home-grown candidate–still.  However, signs are all around us that the noose is tightening.  The Communist revolution of the Sixties has carried on through the Progressive movement to bring us once more to the door of “a new and glorious age where the tired old Constitution can finally be replaced by a more utopian government that feeds us, clothes us, cures our every ill, and supplies our every need” if we will just surrender ourselves to them.  Why, they think, do we struggle so?  Don’t we understand that resistance is futile?  Don’t we know that we must be assimilated?

Ask most scientists in private what they think of Global Warming.  Most of them will tell you that it’s a bunch of hokum.  Then ask them why they don’t go to the media and protest.  It is because you cannot keep any kind of prestigious post as a scientists unless you subscribe to the doctrine.  The same is true for Evolution.  No, intellectuals are not rounded up and sent to pig farms for “re-education”.  In this country, money and position are still enough to coerce the thinking of people.

Once I said I doubted that all the facts of the Holocaust were accurate.  Even though I have a right to think that, I’d better never say it in public.  I’m not even allowed to have that opinion.  Nobody tried to arrest me.  Yet.  But there are already laws in other countries that prohibit such views, and I could have been arrested in one of those countries.  I soon will suffer the same thing here.

Every so often, a movement gets under way to have the Bible declared “hate speech”. According to the Bible, people are “sinners”.  Well, we can’t have anyone going around and telling people they are “sinners”.  First of all, that will undo years of therapy aimed at convincing them that everything they do is someone else’s fault, the result of a bad childhood, or growing up in a bad neighborhood.  Secondly, telling people they are sinners might make them feel badly about what they have done and jump off a bridge.  That would equate telling someone he is a sinner with putting a gun to his head.  See!  Bible thumpers are murderers!   No one seems to care that the central messages of the Bible are forgiveness and redemption.  No one seems to think that the First Amendment should apply here, but it’s alright for a rapper to preach “F*** the Police” and “Kill the Whitey”.

I had a teacher friend who stood up in a teachers meeting and wanted to know why the teacher’s union representative was going to tell them which candidate to vote fore.  Wasn’t she free to vote as she pleased?  That teacher is now viewed as an enemy of the teachers union and a back stabber.

On New Years’ Eve, the president signed a bill that Congress had passed that allows Congress to suspend all rights and appropriate all property of a citizen in the name of homeland security.  Two weeks ago, President Obama signed an executive order giving that power to himself, including the right to impress any citizen into government labor or even military service.

While we have been sleeping at the wheel, our leaders have been marching us lock-step into socialism.  But, more so than that, we are moving ever closer to what happened in Rome two millenia ago.  For, as the Roman empire became more and more decadent, and the people were distracted with “bread and circus”, the Emperor seized power from the Senate.  It happened so gradually that few noticed until it was irreversible.

My friends, I certainly hope that we are not staring at this picture for another 40 years until the death of Emperor Obama.  But I believe that laws are now in place for such a thing to happen.  Certainly the Emperor is prepared to take over our health care.  After which, he will dictate what we eat, how we exercise, what car we drive, how warm we keep our homes–where will it end?

I want to remove this picture of Obama Cares.  I will, eventually.  But, for now, it needs to stay put, because it drives home a point that really needs to be driven home:  this man is scary.  This man wants to be your dictator.  Don’t be fooled by what he says.  Pay attention to what he is doing.  Understand and realize that he has not acted alone.  Think about Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed, and all the arrogant congressmen and women who are leading the cry of “Hail, Caesar!”  I pray there will be another election.  And I pray that we turn our country back toward freedom.


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