The Facts, Just the Facts, Ma’am

The following reprinted from  Cut to below the dotted line if you want to know my take on it.

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• ObamaCare’s goal is to provide affordable health insurance for all US citizens.

• ObamaCare does not replace private insurance or medicaid

• Medicaid will be reformed and expanded in order to help cover more people, especially those below the poverty level.

• ObamaCare aims to improve community health care centers in an effort improve health care for those who cannot afford private health care.

• Affordable health coverage means American’s and their families pay what they can afford.

• American Employers need to provide comparable coverage to the Health Care for America Plan or pay a modest and fair Tax to support ObamaCare. (like the current state run unemployment and workers compensation programs)

• If an American or their family chooses not to purchase healthcare through the Health Care for America Act they can buy private insurance.

• The government is by the people and for the people. The health insurance companies are for profit organizations who are for the bottom line and the investors.

• Those with incomes exceeding 250k will be subject to higher taxes. This will help pay for the ObamaCare. As you can imagine this does not make some people happy. Though it’s important to note that those making less will not be losing money, rather they will be gaining the option of healthcare.

• ObamaCare aims to make it easier for small businesses to provide coverage to workers by offering Tax Credits to employers who enroll their workers in private healthcare plans.

• One of the main goals of ObamaCare is to ensure that all preventative care will be free on all insurance plans. Private insurance plans that are grand fathered in and are all ready in place will be exempt until they lose their grand fathered status.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: There is currently a Bill being proposed called the Health Care For America Bill (also known as the ObamaCare Bill). If this bill does not pass millions of Americans will be without proper health coverage, many more will be dropped from private insurance companies who are not required to provide healthcare, employers will drop health care plans of workers and many more will suffer the consequences of health care system controlled by private companies who’s bottom lines are money and not health.

The Supreme Court UPHOLDS Health Reform — What Does It Mean for You?

U.S. Supreme Court’s ruled to uphold health care reform today in a 5-4 victory favoring the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Acts passed in 2010.

The Supereme Court’s rulling means that the entirety of the law will be upheld for the time being. Keep in mind that upcoming elections will have a major impact on whether health care reform moves forward and is given a chance to grow or is disassemble before it can have a more significant impact on America.

Individual Mandate as a Tax

The ruling decided that the Individual Mandate requiring that U.S. citizens have health insurance is valid as a tax, although it is impermissible under the commerce clause of the Constitution.

The Impact of the Supreme Court Ruling

Health Care For America stands, but what does this mean for you?

1. Americans Getting Health Care Through Their Employer:  Under the Affordable Care Act all American’s are required to have insurance. That means companies must either provide their workers with health insurance or deem that it would be cheaper to subsidize them or let them get health insurance through the state. In most cases this will have little impact on you financially (although you just may be saving money). The major difference is that for some Americans they will have additional protections provided by the supreme court’s ruling on health care reform, namely limits and restrictions on benefits, annual limits and as well as a few other protections detailed in the Affordable Health Care and Patient Protection Acts.

2. American’s Receiving Health Care Coverage Through Medicare: The Affordable Care Act will continue to provide protections and benefits to seniors who receive coverage through Medicare. Since the Act was passed in 2010 Seniors have saved billions of dollars on the cost of prescription drugs, co-pays and premiums. This upholding of reform also helps to save money and offer better care seniors on Medicare Advantage.

3. Individual Policy Holders: Obamacare health care reform requires all U.S. citizens to have health care insurance. Of course if you all ready have private insurance the healthcare reform will have little impact on you. Your rates may shift slightly and your coverage will have added protections.

4. Uninsured Americans: The Supreme Court ruling means that the laws set forth by Obama’s health care reform will remain uncahged. This means that all uninsured Americans will still have the option to buy health insurance through the state or federal exchange. Those Americans who cannot afford coverage can get a federal subsidy. Of course the law will offer the same protections to all americans which include not being able to be turned away for prexisitng conditions (effective 2014 if that aspect is not overturned by that point).

5. Small Business Owners: Truly small businesses have always been in a bad space when it comes to providing health insurance for their employees due to their income bracket. While health care reform will not solve this problem, it does offer more options for employers wishing to provide coverage tho their employees.

Cost of ObamaCare: Obama Care Cost

What is the Cost of Obama Care

What is the cost of ObamaCare? ObamaCare, also known as the American Health Care Plan, is said to have a massive cost for the American government and is estimated at up to $2 trillion dollars in the next 10 years. The truth is however that Obamacare will save the govenerment money by reducing the health care costs of all Americans via a universal healthcare plan will actually help to decrease the national deficit.

How Do We Pay For Obama Care?

Wrap Text around ImageThere are a few steps proposed by Obama Care to help pay for the ObamaCare health care reform plan that will be enacted by the Obama Care Health Care Bill.First United States employers will be expected to provide health coverage to their employees equal to what is proposed by the Obama Care Bill. If they do not choose to provide their workers with affordable and reliable health care than they will pay a modest and fair tax to help support health care for all Americans.

This aspect of Obama Care will ensure employers cover their employees cost of obtaining healthcare through ObamaCare if the employer does not choose to provide comparable health endurance. This system is like the current unemployment tax already in effect which requires American businesses to play a modest and fair tax to aid the state run unemployment and workers compensation programs.

This aspect of the ObamaCare bill that handles workplace reform helps to ensure equal care for all Americans.

How Much Does Obama Care Cost The Average American?

The Obama Care Health Care Reform Plan or Health Care For America Plan will cost the average American around $70. For those Americans who cannot afford this premium and who’s income is at or over %200 below the national poverty level there will be a free option. This ensures that Health Care For America covers every American and can be sustained by the people of the United States of America and Our Government.

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First of all, how much faith should I have in what I am told by someone who is so careless with  spelling and grammar?  Here are some other observations:

1. So Obamacare is really a big tax?  Thanks, I needed a big new tax which happens to mean a lot of people like me will have to run a tab to the government.

2. I’m glad we aren’t using any kind of funny cartoons to ridicule Republicans.  After all, this is a noble accomplishment for all citizens, and to cheapen it with anything of the sort would be petty and unbecoming of us.  Oh, wait, I guess we did that.

3. Doesn’t the Obama Cares picture remind you of, I don’t know, George Orwell’s 1984?  Or is it Mao, or Chavez?  Love me, I a benevolent dictator.  No, really, I am!

4. Recent Government Accounting Office (GAO — I love to spell these things out for the inferior among us who just don’t know the 2000 government anacronyms  [I had to add this to the spelling checker, since it only recognized ‘acronym’.  Although most government agencies should be ‘acronyms’, they have become ‘anacronyms’.] so, anyway, what were talking about again?  Hmmm. Maybe that’s the reason they use so many anacronyms.  Helps put the congressmen out for their afternoon naps.) er, as I was saying, recent Government Accounting Office reports show that the original estimates by Obamacare opponents were accurate after all, and that implementation will cost more than twice the advertised cost, thereby effectively increasing, not decreasing, the deficit.

5. Obamacare is going to improve health centers.  How does the government do this.  I know!  They bring in bureaucrats who decide what new curtains and paint schemes are needed to make the clinic look nice.  Then they add a beautiful new wing in which to house improved administrative offices.  I know they “aim to improve” things, but they have really bad aim.

6.   “American Employers need to provide comparable coverage to the Health Care for America Plan or pay a modest and fair Tax to support ObamaCare. (like the current state run unemployment and workers compensation programs)”   I see.  It’s alright because it’s a MODEST tax.  Did you want to tell us exactly what you mean by modest?  Modest by the New York City or San Fransisco wage standards?  Modest by wall street executive salary standards?  So, if a business can’t afford this “modest” tax and has to lay off its workers, who has to pay for their “modest” unemployment payments?  Does that call for another “modest” tax?

7. “The Obama Care Health Care Reform Plan or Health Care For America Plan will cost the average American around $70. For those Americans who cannot afford this premium and who’s income is at or over %200 below the national poverty level there will be a free option.”  Huh?  I couldn’t get health insurance 20 years ago for under $70 per month, and that was catastrophic, under which I paid the first $5000 out of pocket.  In the last 20 years, I haven’t managed to pay $2000 total for my own medical bills.  So how is this helping me?  Or do I get a free plan?  What does “at or over %200 below the national poverty level” mean?  How can I be 200% below something?  What do I get for my free option?  A free supply of band aids and Tums?  Or do they force me to eat only carrots and whole grains and give up alcohol and tobacco before I can see a doctor?  Just how far does this socialized program go?

Well, I wish I could tell you more about the nuts and bolts of Obamacare, but who really knows what they are.  Obama once said “We’re gonna spend three trillion to stimulate the economy, and we’ll get America right back to work.”   That didn’t seem to happen.  Now he is saying, “We’re gonna make a kinder, gentler health care system that everyone will be forced, er, allowed to join.  You wait and see, it’s gonna save lots of money and make lots of people healthier.”  I’m not crossing my fingers.

I would have preferred that  SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States, because, like, that’s so not as hard to say as “Supreme Court”, cuz, like, it has one less syllable and stuff, plus it sounds kind of kinky)  had found some reason to strike this thing down.  They maybe could have cited the Not Forcing Congress To Read A Bill Over Thirty Pages Act, or some other procedural rule that was violated.  Or maybe they could have said that there wasn’t enough time left in this decade to even figure out what the bill says.  Something.  But, they didn’t, although they provided some rather sizable loopholes which may just ensure that more people are left uncovered in the end.

Well, I guess it’s up to us, now.   We have to tell congress we want this thing undone.  Our only leverage on them is this thing called a ballot box.  Hey, what do you know!   There’s an election coming soon.  See you at the booth!



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2 responses to “The Facts, Just the Facts, Ma’am

  1. rusty

    I have been trying to find out the cost of the insurance for each of us. My figure should be no more than $10.00 . Here in this article, it is $70.00 per.

    that is just the start up tax, the next yr it will go up like it has every yr in the past.

    It is a big rip off and it is still against the contitution .

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