MySpace, like it or not. In your Facebook!

(Re-posted from June 19,2011 for continuity)

I’m sorry that Facebook has replaced MySpace as the in thing. MySpace always had a lot of things about it that ticked me off. But Facebook is so mindless and vacuous that I can’t stand going there. Sure I have 100 friends by now, and I could have 500 if I really wanted to. But it’s sort of like having 500 tennis balls. I can really only fit three in my pocket at any one time.

Facebook is sort of like texting to me. I bought a phone package with unlimited nights and weekends, plus a mountain of anytime minutes. I can store 500 numbers on it. I can talk to anyone in the country with crystal clear quality. So why would I want to waste my time texting people. Texting is good for a few things. Sometimes people text me their phone number, or an address–something that is really important that I have written down. People could text pictures as well, which is cool. But I can get them via email. When I use my phone, I want to talk to someone. I want to interact, complete with all the vocal nuances that texting and a few emoticons isn’t going to capture.

It’s the same with Facebook. In the old days, we had IRC chat channels. I ran a chat room for a couple of years. All the chat friends could chat at once. It was like being in a party surrounded with friends. You could always pull one or two to the side for a side chat. And the coolest thing about it was that everyone was actually present. If you walked in and 25 people were present, you could actually talk with all 25 then and there. Facebook, on the other hand, is a place where people scribble graffiti on the wall. By the time I get there, I can stare at the graffiti, but no one is around anymore. So, it’s like getting a bunch of two-bit emails.

I like that MySpace has worked hard to fix its shortcomings. It probably isn’t enough, though. The Sony Betamax always felt that it deserved the loyalty of video rcording customers because it was first and it was superior. But Sony made a mistake by their stubborn refusal to play ball with others. The VHS made the betamax obsolete, not because VHS was better, but because VHS was not proprietary–anyone could build for it. It’s not quite the same with Facebook and MySpace. But MySpace obviously had enough people fed up with it that were ready to try something new.

In the fast-paced world of cyber socializing, it’s very hard to put a finger on the whims of the public. Who really knows why, but Facebook is now the king. I still like MySpace, even though I only have 5 friends. I like it a little less, now that it is trying to outdo Facebook. But it’s a good place to put my blogs without having to worry that anyone is ever going to read them. That way, I won’t have to worry about alienating the power elites that I continue to berate, the the scientisists and histrionorians that I keep correcting for their ignorance and/or willful distortion of the truth into something that is not truth. Here’s to MySpace. Live long and prosper!

Blogger’s note:  I have obviously given up on MySpace for blogging.  It has tried to out-social network Facebook and turned into a cesspool of apps and noise.  Maybe some day, when I become android-aware, or I suddenly develop a thirst for pop culture, I will find something useful there.  In the meantime, I am here now.  I will work hard to get noticed, so that I can be vilified and ridiculed as I deserve for having a brain and speaking my mind.

I must also confess that I have become more addicted to Facebook.  Now that I’ve gotten used to reading through all the posts and making way too many smart-axx replies, I can sometimes enjoy myself there.  It’s still not a place to hold a conversation.  But at least I know what my friends are up to.  And the supply of humorous photos is endless.  OK.  Hail to the king.  For now.


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