Just a Few Logical Thoughts

(Old Site Re-post from June 14, 2006.  The very first time I blogged)

Ya know, people just aren’t very logical anymore. Why, just the other day, I heard someone got up at a lecture and said, “Everything is meaningless.” Well, he couldn’t have really believed that, or he wouldn’t have said it with such conviction. For if what he said were true, then his statement had meaning, and, therefore contradicted itself.

On the same level, people say, “There is no truth.” Well, if there is no truth, then the statement “There is no truth” cannot be true. But it must be true if there is no truth. So there actually must be SOME truth. It’s the same as saying, “There are absolutely no absolutes!”

Some people like to say “Truth is relative.”  Is that really true?  Is there some university out there that teaches that 2 plus 2 is 4 but sometimes 5 or 3.5?  Is a cat sometimes a dog, or the moon sometimes the sun?  Is it sometimes a good thing to kill your child, or beat your spouse?  Does the sun sometimes rise in the west?  Does the 2nd law of Thermodynamics only apply 90% the time?

Now, let’s move on to people who call other people “Bigot”. Well, a bigot is a person who cannot tolerate others who think differently. Now, if you call me a bigot because I don’t think the way you do, then you are a bigot, aren’t you? So I guess the ‘takes one to know one’ rule applies there.

Some people say, “I just can’t tolerate intolerance!” Well, the same as above. These poor people cannot tolerate themselves! How awful for them!

Has it ever occured to people that when they label people who stand for something as “hate-mongers” that they are showing hatred for those they label?
The real opposite of love is apathy. If I say, “You can do as you please, I don’t care,” I’m really saying, “I don’t care about you at all” If I don’t care about moral or ethical standards in my country, then I am a very poor patriot indeed!
What made this country great is that people cared for real. Now people run around saying “I care”, but they really mean, “I care about being able to do anything I want regardless of how it affects anyone around me.” Freedom is not the ability to do anything we want. That is license. Freedom is the ability to take responsibility for my own actions and life. But my freedom ends where yours begins. If it doesn’t, then you aren’t free, I have become a tyrant over you. This is how we live in America to a greater degree every day. People take no responsibility for anything, and so they enslave society. Society has to pay for their lack of responsibility. That’s why we have over a billion dollars already wasted on Hurricane Katrina relief that bought luxury items for criminals, for just one example. Hey, it’s all about “taking whatever I can get for myself.”

Anyway, just a parting thought: Recently a beach was shut down so turtle eggs could hatch without being broken by beach-goers. Hmmm. Why is it we protect unhatched turtles but not unborn babies?  While we’re at it, why aren’t we throwing the mother turtle in jail for abandoning her offspring?   Of course, if we were to smash the eggs just as she were expelling them, that would be OK, wouldn’t it? Partial laying abortion, as it were.


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