Global Warming is NOT the issue.

Global Warming

Global Warming (Photo credit: mirjoran)

(Old Site Re-post from February 18, 2008)

OK, I agree, the average temp of the world has gone up .6 degree days in the last century.  Should this concern me?  Not in the least.  No one in the heat belts even noticed.  What about those of us in cold climates?  We like warmer weather.  Bring it on!  But enough of personal preference–what are the facts?

Fact 1:  Increase in CO2 has cause a massive increase in world-wide plant life.  Plants eat CO2 and exhale oxygen.   Without CO2, plants die. Without plants, there is no Oxygen on which humans may live.   So, even if Kyoto or any other scheme to reduce CO2 could actually work, all we’d do is kill our supply of oxygen-producers.

Fact 2:  Global Warming does not cause deserts to grow.  People cause deserts to grow.  How?  Bad land management.  Nations are too busy practicing genocide and ethnicide to be concerned with soil conservation.  Chemical fertilizer companies are too busy funding Ag schools which teach farmers to sterilize and kill the land  (so that crops can only be grown with artificial chemicals that they sell, of course).  No one tells the farmers that protien counts are skewed by faulty chemical analyses, that they are in fact killing land.  In Amerca and other countries where farmers can afford to keep up the chemical cycle, we don’t notice as much as in poor countries, where the land is killed with poor practices and there is no money to fix it.  What is the solution to turn around deserts?  Simple.  Create more CO2 and plant more trees.  Trees will hold more available moiture in the lower atmosphere, cool the ground (and the people on the ground),  and keep top soil from eroding.  Plenty of trees grow in deserts without any help.  With a little help, many deserts could be eliminated.  The ones that remain are deserts because of altitude, not temperature.  Confer Southern California.

Fact 3: Global Warming is Cyclical with Global Cooling.  What goes up eventually comes down, and vise versa.  Over the last 300 years, there has been global warming.  However, that was a recovery from the mini-Ice Age of 1400-1700.  Global temperatures today are not even as high as there were early in the Second Millennium AD.

Has anyone noticed an interesting occurrence this winter?  In the age of “Global Warming”,  people are dying in record numbers because we are having one of the coldest winters on record.  Shanghai had weeks of snow.  Kazakhstan and surrounding areas are in crises mode because people cannot stay warm.  Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, are having winters as cold as Russia.

Fact 4:  The Kyoto accord, even if it were ratified by every nation on earth and enforced to the letter by every nation, would not have more than one tenth of a percent effect on greenhouse gases.  In the meantime, the economies of nations around the world would be impacted by trillions of dollars!   So, who really stands to benefit?  Ask Al Gore how many billions his employers will gain from government mandates.  Ask the Senator from Iowa why he was jumping up and down when the ethanol subsidy bill passed (think corn belt).  Oh, that brings us too…

Fact 5:  Corn Ethanol is ripping off our economy and it’s bad gas!  (Not to mention how much it increases greenhouse gases!  Hmm, doesn’t that cause global warming?)  To create a gallon of ethanol from corn, besides needing to use 2.7 bushels of corn, you also need 1700 gallons of water and a gallon of fossil fuel, i.e., crude oil, or some alternative, to process.  Not even taking into consideration the $2.21+ cents per gallon of government subsidies,  it costs over $2.00 a gallon to produce.  Currently,  the cheaper price of ethanol at the pump, vs. gasoline, is offset by the decrease in fuel efficiency, i.e., miles per gallon, so that costs to run a vehicle on ethanol are the same or more that costs to run the same vehicle on gasoline.   This doesn’t take into account the increase in engine maintenance.
The other downside, of course, to corn ethanol is that is removes huge quantities  from the food chain, unsustainable amounts.  It also drives up the price of feeds, which means that ethanol is just a shell game to take money from some farmers and give it to others.  Of course, the government will subsidize many farmers strapped with higher feed prices.  That way we can keep the farmers happy and perpetuate the illusion that corn gas gud!
This isn’t to say that we can’t make efficient bio-fuels.  It’s just to say that corn isn’t one of them, and that the government can’t get out of its own way.

So, what is the REAL issue?   Money.  Power.  People with money want more of it.  People who can make money for the powerful become powerful themselves.  Where does this leave the rest of us?  Paying the Bill.  So, if you want some power for yourself, don’t believe the myth, and don’t let your elected officials believe it either.

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